When Rajesh Khanna spoke on his affairs, ‘Dimple Kapadia was back and Tina Munim was a balm for wounds’

When Rajesh Khanna spoke on his affairs, ‘Dimple Kapadia was back and Tina Munim was a balm for wounds’

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Mumbai. Late Bollywood veteran Rajesh Khanna was in the news for his marriage to Dimple Kapadia and relationship with Anju Mahendru. Dimple was a big fan of Rajesh and when the actor proposed her for marriage, she could not refuse. According to the reports, Rajesh once got into a relationship with Tina Munim. He was neither happy with Dimple nor satisfied with Tina. In an interview he said that marriage to Dimple was my comeback and Tina Munim was a balm for wounds.’

Discussions of Rajesh-Tina’s affair are common
According to reports, all was not going well in Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh’s marriage. Rajesh married Dimple, 15 years younger than him. In an interview, Dimple had told, ‘Marrying Rajesh Khanna was a big deal for me. For me it was more important than success in my career. I used to be his big fan. It was like a dream come true for me. However, Rajesh’s super stardom and marriage to Dimple soon faded. Reports claim that Rajesh started drowning in alcohol in the 80s due to the flop of his movies. During this too, Dimple did not leave her side, while Rajesh started looking for support in Tina Munim.

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Dimple never went ‘blessing’ again
It is said that when Rajesh and Tina Munim went to Mauritius for the shooting of the film ‘Sultan’. During that time the discussions of their affair had started. Dimple also reached there. When she came to know about this affair, she returned to Mumbai midway without informing anyone. After that she never went to Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow ‘Aashirvaad’.

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Tina left
In an interview with India Today in 1985, Dimple said, ‘The day I and Rajesh got married, the happiness of our house went away.’ Rajesh and Tina made their relationship public and Dimple was inclined towards Sunny Deol. However, Rajesh was not ready to divorce Dimple because he was worried about the two daughters Twinkle and Rinke. Tina became very angry with this and left Rajesh. Rajesh was neither happy marrying Dimple, nor satisfied in his relationship with Tina Munim. In an interview, he admitted that, ‘I married Dimple because of the rebound and Tina was like a balm on my wounds.’


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