what is the new vehicle scrappage policy and impact on your 4 wheeler all details here samp

what is the new vehicle scrappage policy and impact on your 4 wheeler all details here samp

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New Delhi. Modi government (PM Narendra Modi) today participated in the Investor Summit in Gujarat through video conferencing. In this summit, PM Modi has also launched the National Automobile Scraping Policy. PM Modi said that this policy will play a big role in removing unfit vehicles in the country in a scientific manner. Let us know what is the scrappage policy of the government… how will it affect your vehicle.

Know what is the scrappage policy of the government
According to this new scrap policy, 15 and 20 year old vehicles will be scrapped. While a commercial vehicle can be declared junk after 15 years, it is 20 years for a private vehicle. Under this policy, the vehicle will not be scrapped just by looking at its age, but the vehicles will be scrapped in a scientific manner and for this authorized vehicle facilitation centers will be set up which will be technology linked.

When will the new rules come into force
These rules related to fitness test and scraping center will be applicable from 1 October 2021. The rules for scrapping 15-year-old vehicles belonging to government and PSUs will be applicable from April 1, 2022. The rules related to fitness testing required for commercial vehicles will come into effect from 1 April 2023. Apart from this, these rules for general vehicles will be implemented in a phased manner from June 1, 2024.

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No money will be given for registration on the purchase of a new car
A certificate will be given on scrapping the old car. Automakers have been advised to give a discount of 5 percent on the purchase of a new vehicle on production of the scrapping certificate. The person who will have this certificate will not have to pay any money for registration on the purchase of a new vehicle. He said that road tax will also be exempted from the scrap policy.

These benefits will be from the policy
Normal families will benefit greatly from this policy in every way. The first benefit will be that there will be freedom from dangers like road accidents. Due to old vehicles, old technology, the risk of road accident is very high, which will get rid of it. Along with this, this policy will also reduce pollution and will also save in maintenance cost, repair cost, fuel efficiency of the old vehicle.

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