Weekly Cancer to Pisces Horoscope |  Saptahik Rashifal |  Virgo to Pisces Weekly Horoscope |  astrology

Weekly Cancer to Pisces Horoscope | Saptahik Rashifal | Virgo to Pisces Weekly Horoscope | astrology

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Know the sign of planets this week…

Virgo sun sign:
This week is expected to be good for you. During this, the conditions will be in your favor. In such a situation, you can focus on completing the old pending tasks. In the initial period, you have to be patient as well as serious. The week will be spent in full swing.

While there is a possibility of increase in your prestige in the field during this period, businessmen may remain worried about money at this time. Things seem to be changing after Thursday. At this time, you can make good use of abilities as well as hard work. You have to be a little cautious in terms of health.

This week is likely to be good for you in terms of money. Efforts of the present can give you good results in future. The support of parents will remain in the midst of gains in the journey. But at this time you also have to be careful, otherwise someone can get you into trouble by signing some documents.

This will be a good time for partnership in business. Being very busy, you will be able to give less time to the family. On the other hand, you will be able to earn good money amidst the possibility of sudden change in your time from Saturday. Some problems may arise in terms of health.

Scorpio Horoscope:
Avoid conflicts of ego this week. And focus your attention as much as possible in the field of livelihood. Under this, from Wednesday, keep your full attention on your work, because your hard work will be the key to success for you. Time is looking good in terms of career.

Your enemies may affect your business at this time, so be careful. At the same time, many of you can go abroad. Try to maintain peace in married life while staying away from disputes. Time is right for investment. In case of any health problem, consult a doctor immediately.

You will get some sour and some sweet experiences this week. In such a situation, where you will have to work hard for success, those doing real estate business can earn good profits. On Thursday, you can give shape to new business plans amidst the possibility of expansion in business. Important tasks will have to be done with special thinking this week. Keep in mind that during this time any kind of haste can prove to be harmful for you.

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Surya Devta

Financial conditions may take some hesitation at this time. But it is expected to be in good condition by the end of the week. Time will be good for students. Some of you may progress. At the same time, some decline can be seen in terms of health.

Have to be patient this week. While some of you may get to taste special success during this time, some of you may also face many difficulties. Try to complete the pending tasks quickly. Amidst the possibility of success in livelihood, a steady increase in your efforts till Friday can give you benefits.
Investments should be avoided during this period. Whereas traders should avoid taking loans as far as possible. During this, the work related to the government seems to be happening fast. On the other hand, in terms of health, you have to take special care of your immunity.

This week, the employed people will have to maintain a good rapport with the boss and the team, otherwise there is a possibility of dispute. At this time, you have to make your point clearly in front of everyone, as well as try to complete the pending work.

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  Puja Vidhi

From Thursday, businessmen will have to be very careful, while youth will have to avoid overconfidence during this period, otherwise someone can cheat them.

Tension in the family will have to be resolved with patience. Overall, this week will bring mixed results for you. Also, health has to be taken care of.

You will be very happy this week even in the midst of challenges. While you have to work hard for success, the pressure of work in private companies seems to be increasing. On the other hand, after Thursday, you are getting auspicious results.

There will be a need for coordination with higher officials in the middle of the week. Youth can get good job opportunities abroad. Solve family issues with patience this week and improve relations. Apart from being careful while driving, you also have to be careful about your health.

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