Vidya Balan does not want to be seen in the photo, reveals the photographer Dabboo Ratnani, does not like retouching

Vidya Balan does not want to be seen in the photo, reveals the photographer Dabboo Ratnani, does not like retouching

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Heroin Vidya Balan, who has proved her mettle in Kahaani, Dirty Picture, Lioness, is known for her outspokenness. She strongly believes in breaking the long standing stereotype. Bollywood celebs attract their fans through their pictures, while some celebs take the help of Photoshop to make their photos beautiful. On the other hand, Vidya Balan has taken a stand regarding the no photoshop policy. Actually, Vidya has issued rules regarding the use of her photos in which she has taken a stand against unrealistic beauty standards. The actress has asked photographers not to retouch her photos as she doesn’t want to look as skinny as she is. Famous photographer Dabboo Ratnani has acknowledged this.

Actually, during an interview, photographer Dabboo Ratnani revealed the rules regarding the photo of actress Vidya. He said in his interview that he is very comfortable with his skin. He says that I try to make complete arrangements for good lighting on the set itself, so that the photo has to be edited at least later. It is even more important for Vidya to do this as she does not like to have her photos retouched.

She is very comfortable in her skin and she does not want to look thin in her pictures. Dabboo further adds that Vidya tells the editorial team during the shooting of the magazine that after correcting the color of the photo, it should be shared without any retouching. Dabboo says that we only correct the color of the leaves lying on the floor if needed but do not touch their photos again.

It is worth mentioning that Vidya has said many times about being body-shamed. During the promotion of the recently released film Lioness, Vidya had told that her weight was made an issue of the country. At the same time, during an interview, Vidya had told that she has a hormonal issue, due to which she started hating her body for a long time, I felt that it betrayed me.

Vidya further added that with time she has started accepting herself. She said that I started loving and accepting myself a little more every day and hence, I became more acceptable to people. He started giving me love and praise. Let us tell that Vidya Balan’s film Sherni has been released recently, in which her character and acting have been well received. Vidya often believes in making different films.


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