Two Dogs Hugging Photo Went Viral On Social Media

Two Dogs Hugging Photo Went Viral On Social Media

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This picture has made 1 lakh people cry, the photo is going viral on social media

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Someone has rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the picture I am going to show you is worth millions of words or rather it is worth millions of words. You must be thinking that why am I saying this. Actually, we are going to show you such a picture, after seeing which your eyes will become moist. You would like to have this picture framed with you forever. A picture is becoming very viral on social media, this picture has made many people cry, after seeing it, people are expressing their emotions through comments.

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look at this picture first

In this photo two dogs are seen hugging. Seeing this photo of her, millions of people have cried on social media. The way these two dogs have hugged each other is really an emotional moment. This picture has been shared on Twitter by a user named @WoodwardSumer. Which has been liked by 1 lakh 15 thousand people. Many users have also commented on this picture. People are commenting that they have never seen such a lovely picture in life.

The matter is that when the 24-year-old girl took her dog Henry for a walk, she got entangled with him as soon as she saw another dog in the street. Henry is a nurse by profession, he could not believe that dogs also hug like humans. People have become emotional after seeing this picture.


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