Twitter Has Unlocked The Accounts Of Many Congress Leaders Including Rahul Gandhi

Twitter Has Unlocked The Accounts Of Many Congress Leaders Including Rahul Gandhi

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Twitter has unlocked the accounts of many Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi accused Twitter of working at the behest of the government

New Delhi:

Twitter has Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi) account has been restored again. The social media company took this step after Rahul had shared the family picture of a 9-year-old girl in Delhi Cantt regarding the incident of alleged rape and murder. Other Congress leaders twitter account has also been unlocked. Taking to Twitter on Friday, Rahul Gandhi said that he is playing a dangerous game by interfering in India’s democratic process. These accounts were suspended about a week ago.

Congress sources said that Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account has been unlocked. Also, the accounts of those Congress leaders who shared Rahul Gandhi’s tweet have also been restored. Twitter says sharing a rape victim’s family photo is a violation of rules.

Twitter has locked more than 5000 Twitter accounts of Congress party leaders!

Twitter did unlock Rahul Gandhi’s account but the controversial tweet has been prevented from showing in India. But that tweet can be seen in other countries of the world. A statement has also been issued by Twitter. It said that a letter was filed on behalf of Rahul Gandhi for the use of photos, appealing to restore his account. His Twitter was unlocked on this basis, but in view of the law of the land, the disputed tweet will not be visible in India.

Rahul Gandhi said in a statement on YouTube that this is a dangerous game of Twitter. He alleged that the microblogging site is not fair and is working at the behest of the government. When his account was suspended, Rahul had said that it is an insult to his lakhs of followers. Freedom of expression of their views is violated.

Rahul Gandhi wrote Twitter is no longer a fair platform, it is a discriminatory platform. It does what the present government wants to say. At the same time, amidst the uproar over Twitter in India, the social media company has sent its India branch chief Manish Maheshwari to America on a new responsibility.


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