To look beautiful on the screen, Bollywood actresses have to do makeup like this, the look changes

To look beautiful on the screen, Bollywood actresses have to do makeup like this, the look changes

New Delhi. The film world of Bollywood is such where what is seen is very less in reality. The luxurious palaces seen in films are also artificial, fake palaces are made by spending crores of rupees and they are destroyed after the shooting is completed. Similar is the case with the beauty of Bollywood actors. Actually, actors are rarely as they appear on the silver screen. Many people are ready to do anything to look like Bollywood actors, but let us tell you that the beauty of Bollywood actors is not permanent, sometimes there is a more beautiful common person than them. Then the question is, how does the actress look so beautiful on screen?

Actually the secret of the beauty of Bollywood actress is hidden behind the camera, the beautiful looking heroine of Bala on the silver screen has a lot of makeup before appearing in front of the camera, and makeup artists work hard to make them beautiful. For this, from eyeshadow to foundation, which is applied closely, then the heroines look so beautiful on the screen that everyone wants to look like them.

Makeup artists do their work so neatly that sometimes even Bollywood actresses are surprised to see the change in themselves.


Today we will show you some Bollywood actresses’ makeup-time pictures, so that you will be able to know how their makeup is done? Surely most of you have never seen the makeup pictures of any Bollywood actress before.

See pictures of makeup of Bollywood actresses:

The beauty of Bollywood’s beautiful actress Aishwarya Rai is something else, but make-up artists work hard to enhance her look in films. The fine work is also done to give a rosy touch to her lips.


In Bollywood, from face to makeup, there are people doing different things like hair artist working hard to fix Sunny Leone’s hair.


Sonam Kapoor is known for her stylish sense, but when she comes on screen, makeup artists do makeup in this way to enhance her look.


The secret of the beauty of Priyanka Chopra, who injured everyone with her eyes, was finally revealed. How intense is she getting her eye makeup done.


Her make-up artist gives the final touch to Katrina Kaif’s face by doing make-up in this way.


Kareena Kapoor with makeup artist in her vanity van.


Sonakshi Sinha of Bollywood may look different behind the film screen, but everyone talks about her look while appearing in front of the screen. Because the secret of her beautiful face is this makeup artist

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