There was a lot of ruckus when Sharmila Tagore wore a bikini, this was the reaction of Tiger Pataudi after seeing the picture

There was a lot of ruckus when Sharmila Tagore wore a bikini, this was the reaction of Tiger Pataudi after seeing the picture

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New Delhi. Actress Sharmila Tagore is one of the famous actresses of the bygone era. Sharmila Tagore has left a special impression on the hearts of the audience with her brilliant films. Sharmila Tagore worked with many veteran actors in her time and earned a lot of name. But Sharmila Tagore had to face controversies due to a photoshoot. At that time she was in a relationship with Indian cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. Who supported him a lot in this bad time.

Sharmila Tagore got her photoshoot done wearing a bikini

Actually, Sharmila Tagore did a bikini shoot for a magazine at that time. When these pictures of Sharmila wearing a bikini came out, people criticized her a lot. But the only Mansoor Ali Khan was Pataudi. Those who supported Sharmila and supported her. This story was also told by Sharmila Tagore in an interview. Why did she get a bikini photoshoot done and how did she get to see the reaction after that.

Sharmila Tagore got the photoshoot done for this reason

Beautiful actress Sharmila Tagore gave an interview for the Ladies Study Group book. Talking about her bikini photoshoot, she said that “She thought she would look good in a bikini, so she got this photoshoot done.” Sharmila had told that the photographers were also nervous after the photoshoot. Talking about the reaction of the people, Sharmila said that the situation was a bit strange. There was no social media at that time. But the situation was very critical. Sharmila was present in London when this magazine was published.

Such was the reaction of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi

During the magazine publication, Sharmila told that she was in London. The news of magazine publication was given to him by Shakti ji. Shakti ji called them and told them that ‘they have to do something to control the damage’. Hearing this, Sharmila was very sad. It is said that her husband Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi supported her in this situation. Sharmila told Pataudi’s reaction in this matter that “I sent a telegram to Tiger and he told me, I can say with the claim that you must be looking good. He supported me a lot.”

Sharmila Tagore learned a lesson from this incident

Sharmila Tagore learned a great deal from this incident. Sharmila said that I had learned that if you are a public figure then you have some responsibilities. You have to understand who your audience is and what they expect from you. Sharmila further said that ‘she came to know that of course people are attracted towards glamour, but they do not really have respect for them in their hearts. Sharmila said that she wanted respect for herself in the hearts of people. For which he slowly started changing his image.

Mother-in-law had placed a condition before marriage

Sharmila Tagore married Mansoor Ali Khan on 27 December 1969, but before marriage, Tiger Pataudi’s mother Sajida Sultan had put a condition in front of the actress. Sajida Sultan had told Sharmila Tagore that she would be ready for this relationship if she converted to Islam and accepted Islam. Sharmila too hastily accepted this condition. After which by converting to Islam, she became Ayesha Sultan from Sharmila Tagore.


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