The sweepers fired from the job said – we are Valmiki, so there is no restoration, why took the Brahmins back?

The sweepers fired from the job said – we are Valmiki, so there is no restoration, why took the Brahmins back?

The protesting scavengers told that earlier some scavengers were evicted but they were Brahmins so they were kept again, but we are from Valmiki caste so we are not being kept.

Noida. In Gautam Budh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, these days the scavengers are protesting against being fired from the job. Many of the fired sanitation workers were working for the last 20-25 years but they have also been fired. The protesting scavengers alleged that they are not being reinstated due to being from the Valmiki society. It was also told that some scavengers had been evicted even before this, but due to being upper caste, they were kept again.

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accused of racism

The protesting scavengers told that some time ago some scavengers were evacuated from Sector-12 of Noida. The protesting workers claim that the personnel posted as Inspector and Supervisor were reinstated because they were upper caste, Brahmin. But now the workers who have been fired are from small caste, Valmiki community, so they are not being reinstated.

Worked during the Corona period, now unemployed

The protesting scavengers told that all those who have been evacuated did their work well even in the corona period. Many personnel were also honored as sanitation workers during the Corona period. But all of a sudden being fired is upset. The scavengers also told that now the biggest problem before them is employment because there are some scavengers whose family has become difficult for them to maintain. The sanitation workers said that if this problem is not resolved soon, they will go to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Governor Anandiben Patel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Being treated on the basis of caste

Jogesh Valmiki, a leader of the protesting sanitation workers said that the sanitation workers are being treated badly on the basis of caste. Minor caste workers are being exploited. We will go to CM Yogi, PM Modi and other commissions regarding this issue. He also said that our caste is being exploited. People of Valmiki society are not being allowed to become supervisors.

Issues may be politicized before Chuwan

Jagesh Valmiki alleged that about 250 upper caste scavengers are posted on the post. None of the upper caste workers work, only sign and go home. Let us tell you that the assembly elections are going to be held soon in the state. In such a situation, the possibility of politicization of these matters also cannot be ruled out.

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