The story of Sampooran Singh becoming Gulzar Sahab…who is eating Ghalib’s pension, interesting anecdote

The story of Sampooran Singh becoming Gulzar Sahab…who is eating Ghalib’s pension, interesting anecdote

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Gulzar’s real name is Sampooran Singh Kalra, born on 18 August 1934 in Dina, Pakistan. Life’s difficulties break someone and fill someone with seriousness. Something similar happened with Sampooran. He became such a poet who, on the test of his imagination, weaves such a web of words in which people would drown. The ability to turn his pain into medicine made him a buzzing saab. Gulzar, who achieved great success in the life of 87 years, never forgets the pain he suffered in childhood and only then wrote that ‘Eyes don’t get visa, dreams don’t have borders, everyday I cross the border with closed eyes’ ‘.

The pain of Indo-Pak partition
During the partition of India-Pakistan in 1947, Gulzar’s family also came to India. The kind of violence that a boy of about 11-12 years saw in front of his eyes, saw the slaughter, saw the desolation of the family. At an early age, such a wound took deep roots in him, which emerges in his poetry and anecdotes. Since childhood, he was fond of writing poetry, but his father believed that it would not survive. Like every father, his father also used to worry about his son’s life.

Story of Sampooran Singh becoming Gulzar
Today Gulzar Sahab may live in the breath of the Hindi film industry, but the story of coming to Mayanagari is also very interesting. In fact, after listening to his father’s words, he decided to come to Mumbai to join his brother’s work. Came here and started working with his brother in the motor garage. But how long can the delicate mind writing poetry and story keep in sync with the mechanical life of the motor garage. His inclination started towards the film world. When there was a trend, lyricists like Shailendra were approached. Bimal Roy got a chance to assist but what he wanted to do still could not start. In such a situation, Shailendra advised him to write songs in Bimal Roy’s films. It is said that when Gulzar started writing, Debu Sen, a colleague of Bimal Roy, said that the name Sampooran did not fit and something happened that Sampooran started writing under the name Gulzar.

Couldn’t even go on stage to receive the Filmfare Award
Gulzar wrote the famous song ‘Mora Gora Rang Lei Le, Mohe Shyam Rang Dei De’ for the film ‘Bandini’ in 1963. This song acted as a foundation stone for Gulzar’s success. Gulzar worked with Hrishikesh Mukherjee after the death of Bimal Roy. Gulzar earned his name by writing screen plays of many great films like ‘Guddi’, ‘Anand’. It is said that when Gulzar was awarded the Filmfare Award for ‘Anand’, he was so nervous that he could not even go on stage.

Ghalib’s influence on Gulzar
The scope of Gulzar’s writing can be gauged from the fact that from ‘Mohe Shyam Rang Dei De’ to ‘Not angry with you’… Well, whatever is written about him, it is less that Ghalib’s influence is seen on his writings. Once Gulzar sahib himself had said that I am eating a pension in the name of Ghalib, who could not eat Ghalib himself.

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Gulzar’s personal life
Talking about personal life, married veteran actress Rakhi who could not work. His daughter Meghna Gulzar is also a well-known director of the film industry. At present, Gulzar is celebrating his 87th birthday, shining with his poetry, anecdotes.

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