Taliban Will Not Get Access To Afghan Reserves Held In US: Official

Taliban Will Not Get Access To Afghan Reserves Held In US: Official

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Taliban will not be able to access Afghan currency reserves in US: US official

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A US administration official told AFP news agency on Monday that the Taliban would be denied access to any Afghan currency reserves held in US accounts. When US forces were evacuating the Afghan capital following a swift capture of the Taliban, the official said, “No bank assets of the Afghan government in the United States will be made available to the Taliban.” According to the IMF, the central bank’s gross currency reserves at the end of April stood at $9.4 billion.

But according to a person familiar with the matter, most of these funds are kept outside Afghanistan. It is not immediately clear how much of the property is in the US.

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The Taliban’s capture of power comes after NATO withdrew its 9,500-strong mission. This is due to the decision of US President Joe Biden to pull his troops out of Afghanistan.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left the country on Sunday night as Taliban insurgents surrounded the capital, Kabul. He captured all the cities in just 10 days.

Ajmal Ahmadi, the governor of the country’s central bank, took to Twitter on Sunday to give details of his difficult escape from the country in a military plane. He and his team tried to stabilize the currency as the Taliban advanced towards the capital.

Without specifying where they are, Ahmadi said the central bank was informed on Friday that “given the deteriorating environment, we will not receive any further dollar shipments.” He met them on Saturday to reassure banks and money exchangers.

He tweeted on Monday, “Once the President’s departure was announced, I knew within minutes there would be chaos. I can’t forgive him for leaving without making a transition plan.”
He said that “they did not have to end like this. I am disappointed by the lack of any planning by the Afghan leadership. Saw at the airport that they left without informing others.”


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