Taliban Occupation Of Afghanistan Not A Matter Of Concern For India: Former Diplomat

Taliban Occupation Of Afghanistan Not A Matter Of Concern For India: Former Diplomat

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Taliban occupation of Afghanistan not a matter of concern for India: Former diplomat

Former Indian Ambassador Talmiz Ahmed (file photo)


A former diplomat said on Tuesday that the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan is not a matter of concern for India. Talmiz Ahmed, who was the Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), said that India has no role in Afghanistan at present and rejected the suggestion that India should join hands with the Taliban. Contact (India contact with Taliban) should be made. He termed the views of some as “absolutely meaningless” that India would be “in danger” if the Taliban regained complete control of Afghanistan.

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“The Taliban is a national movement and they want to control Afghanistan but they are not interested outside Afghanistan,” Ahmed told PTI in a telephone interview. For more than 30 years, India has kept a tight control on the movement of extremists and continues to do so. “I don’t think the situation is changing just because Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban,” Ahmed said, adding that al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS) have “no role” in India.

“Therefore, I do not believe that there will be any impact in terms of increasing extremist activities in India,” Ahmed said, adding that in the event of Afghanistan becoming a refuge for extremists, it is not for India but Pakistan, China, Russia. and would pose a threat to the Central Asian republics. He said this is because all these countries have borders with Afghanistan (Russia through the Central Asian republics) and have a “disturbed and dissatisfied” population. He said, “India need not worry, rather these countries need to worry. This is the reason why Russia and China are in a hurry to join the Taliban because they are very weak in this regard.

Ahmed said that Pakistan has to worry because of its border with Afghanistan and the free movement of people. He said that there are extremist elements in Pakistan which have links with their counterparts in Afghanistan. He said that at present there is no place or role for India in Afghanistan. “We were fully committed to the Kabul regime. We tried to strengthen their hands with projects related to national development and welfare, but we did not have any other means available to strengthen governance. going to face.

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