Taliban Fired At Kabul Airport And Jalalabad On Women And Children

Taliban Fired At Kabul Airport And Jalalabad On Women And Children

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Afghanistan Crisis: Taliban fighters opened fire on women and children at Kabul Airport, and then opened fire on people protesting in Jalalabad.

Kabul. The situation is very bad since the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan. People are running here and there to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. At the same time, some people are protesting against the Taliban. Meanwhile, the Taliban have shown vandalism at Kabul Airport and Jalalabad, breaking their promise of maintaining peace within a day. While the Taliban opened fire on women and children at Kabul airport, they opened fire on people protesting in Jalalabad.

Last day (Tuesday) itself, the Taliban, while holding a press conference, tried to assure the world that the rights of women would be respected. Also, law and order will be restored to maintain peace. The Taliban also promised that if the world recognized it, it would not harm anyone. Apart from this, an appeal was also made to the people not to leave Afghanistan.

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However, a day later, horrific incidents have come to light from the capital Kabul and many other places. Images from Kabul clearly show Talibanis attacking women and children reaching Kabul airport with sharp-edged weapons with the intention of leaving the country. Not only this, firing was also done to remove the crowd from the airport.

Los Angeles Times reporter Marcus Yam shared some photos on Twitter and claimed that several people were injured in the Taliban attack. In addition, Fox News has released a video claiming that Taliban fighters are roaming the streets of Kabul and elsewhere. Firing is also taking place in many places.

Bullets rained on people in Jalalabad

Taliban fighters have opened fire on people in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. A Twitter user named Najeeb Nangyal has posted two videos. It is clearly visible that some people are demonstrating on the street with the national flag of Afghanistan. Then suddenly there was a sound of gunfire. People started running here and there.

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According to the information, these people were demanding to keep the national flag of Afghanistan on the offices. But the Taliban opened fire on these people to disperse them.


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