Taliban Captures One Of The First Female Governor Salima Mazari

Taliban Captures One Of The First Female Governor Salima Mazari

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Female governor Salima Mazari has been imprisoned for raising her voice against the Taliban.

Tehran. After the fall of Ashraf Ghani’s government in Afghanistan, the situation in the country is getting worse. On one hand Taliban is showing the world that it wants to establish peace in the country. He will forgive those who worked for the old government and give women their rights. On the other hand he is showing barbarism.

The latest case is of taking hostage Salima Mazari, the female governor of Balkh province. It is told that the Taliban have imprisoned him for raising his voice against him. Where and in what condition are they kept at present? No information has been revealed about this.

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decided to fight instead of running away

Salima Mazari is one of the first female governors in Afghanistan. He was made the governor of Chahat Kin district of Balkh only a few years back. When the Taliban began seizing all provinces one after another a few weeks ago, Salima decided to fight rather than flee. However, Balkh eventually had to surrender after his district was besieged by the Taliban.

The responsibility of the channel entrusted to its people

After taking possession of Kabul, the Taliban has now gradually started targeting private institutions as well as government offices. Now women anchors have been completely banned in the media house. Instead, the Taliban has now entrusted the responsibility of anchor to its people. Khadija Amina, an Afghan news anchor after being fired, says what she will do now, the next generation will no longer have a job. Whatever he has achieved in 20 years will be gone.

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Old scene repeated in Bamiyan

The Taliban is removing the symbols and symbols of minorities as before. While Taliban extremists blew up the Buddha statue in Bamiyan 20 years ago, this time the terrorists have demolished the statue of Hazara leader Abdul Ali Mazari in Bamiyan. Mazari died in 1995 during a war with the Taliban.

Significantly, the Hazaras were predominantly Shia Muslims. During his lifetime, he continued to be attacked by Sunni Muslims. However, Abdul Ali Mazari was one of the prominent leaders to raise his voice against the Taliban. He was kidnapped and killed by the Taliban due to his growing popularity.


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