Suresh Wadkar had rejected the proposal of marrying Madhuri Dixit, this is how he married Dr. Nene

Suresh Wadkar had rejected the proposal of marrying Madhuri Dixit, this is how he married Dr. Nene

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New Delhi. Actress Madhuri Dixit is considered to be the most beautiful actress of Bollywood. Madhuri is very famous for her acting as well as her dance. From mango to special, everyone used to sprinkle life on Madhuri Dixit. The names of many famous Bollywood actors are also included in this list. Madhuri was liked by actors from Sanjay Dutt to Ajay Jadeja. All these celebs even wanted to marry the actress. You will be surprised to know that a celebrity rejected Madhuri Dixit. You will be surprised to know the reason for this.

Suresh Wadkar rejected Madhuri Dixit’s relationship

Actually, Madhuri Dixit’s father wanted Madhuri Dixit to get married and settle down. For Madhuri’s marriage, her father met many boys and she fell in love with the famous singer Suresh Wadkar. Suresh Wadkar was almost 12 years older than Madhuri Dixit.

When Suresh Wadkar saw Madhuri, he refused to marry her. Rejecting the proposal of marriage, Suresh Wadkar had said that this girl is very thin. Madhuri did not enter the film industry at that time.

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Popularity gained from the movie ‘Tezaab’

Suresh Wadkar turned down marriage proposal with Madhuri Dixit. After which Madhuri Dixit made her debut in the Hindi cinema world with the film Abodh in the year 1984. After 8 years of hard work in films, Madhuri Dixit gained popularity with the film Tezaab. After the film ‘Tezaab’ became a hit, Madhuri Dixit started getting offers for many big films. After 15 years of film career, Madhuri Dixit decided to get married again.

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Madhuri Dixit marries Shriram Madhav Nene

Madhuri Dixit decided to marry Sriram Madhav Nene, a cardiovascular surgeon from California. Nene also belonged to a Marathi Brahmin family. After which Madhuri married Dr. Nene on October 17, 1999. After marriage, Madhuri went to America with her husband Nene. There she gave birth to their two sons. Madhuri lived in America for 10 years and then returned to India with her family. Madhuri Dixit is seen judging a reality show.


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