Shocking Picture of inside view of the plane which the people fell has surfaced Afghanistan

Shocking Picture of inside view of the plane which the people fell has surfaced Afghanistan

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Afghanistan Picture inside the plane going viral on social media

New Delhi. There is so much panic among the people about the Taliban that they are not even risking their lives to get out of Afghanistan. A hallmark of this was seen a day ago when people at Hamid Karzai Airport in the capital Kabul Airport started trying to escape by hanging from an American plane, in which some lost their lives.

Now the pictures inside this plane have surfaced. These pictures inside are also shocking. A similar scene of fear and panic appeared inside this plane as well. Many times more people had entered this plane to save their lives.

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A picture depicting the plight of the people of Afghanistan went viral recently, in which three people hanging from the plane died after falling from a height.

Now pictures of the inside view of this plane are also going viral. A website named Defense One has shared a picture of this aircraft. Seeing this picture, you will also be shocked, because the kind of fear and insolence that was seen outside the aircraft, similar fear was seen in the people sitting inside the aircraft.

It is being told that this plane had a seating capacity of 130 people, but around 800 people sat in it.

If you look inside the plane, it is known that all its seats were removed and people sat on the floor of the plane itself. According to officials, 650 of the 800 people on the plane were Afghan nationals.
All these people were safely taken to America. However, there has been no official statement from the US so far.

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fear of being killed
The people inside were not ready to come out at any cost. He said that if he stayed in Afghanistan, Taliban fighters would kill him.


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