Shilpi Raj and Monu Albela’s Bhojpuri song ‘Kahwa Se Lai Hum Kularia’ released, did you see this video?

Shilpi Raj and Monu Albela’s Bhojpuri song ‘Kahwa Se Lai Hum Kularia’ released, did you see this video?

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Bhojpuri Song ‘Kahwa Se Lai Hum Kularia’ (Kahwa Se Lai Ham Kularia) by Fesam Bhojpuri Singer Monu Albela and trending singer Shilpi Raj has been released, which people are very fond of. are liking. Monu Albela is a famous singer of Bhojpuri. His songs are very much liked by the Bhojpuriya audience. As much as Monu is famous for his songs, he is also in discussion about his look. On the other hand, Shilpi Raj is included in the list of superstar singers of Bhojpuri. If both of them have come together now, it is bound to be a blast!

Tomorrow i.e. on August 12, the new Bhojpuri song ‘Kahwa Se Lai Hum Kularia’ by Monu Albela and Shilpi Raj has been released on Shiv Ganga Films YouTube channel, which is getting good response from the people. The song has got thousands of views on the very first day. Till the time of writing the news, the song has 63,364 views and this figure is increasing rapidly. This song is very fun in which the chemistry between Monu and his actress looks very good. In the song, Monu is seen like a village boy. Many other dancers are also seen with him. The set of the song also looks very beautiful. Let us tell you that Raman Bihari has written this song while Manoj Bunty has given music.

Recently, Monu Albela’s emotional song ‘Bacha Li Ayansh Ke Hamra’ was released. This song was released on the official YouTube channel of Mercury Music on August 7. This song was part of a campaign to save the life of a young child Ayansh who has a rare disease and would need crores of rupees for its treatment. People have liked this song a lot. This song has also been sung by Shilpi Raj along with Monu. Recently another song of Shilpi Raj was released. ‘Kohda Ke Phulwa’ is a popular song of Shilpi Raj which started a few days back. The dance of Neelam Giri wreaked havoc in this song.

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