Shammi Kapoor married Geeta Bali after going to the temple, the wife was full of lipstick

Shammi Kapoor married Geeta Bali after going to the temple, the wife was full of lipstick

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New Delhi. Shammi Kapoor is known as a veteran actor in the Hindi cinema world. Shammi Kapoor not only won the hearts of people with his acting, but also made the whole of India crazy with his dance. When Shammi Kapoor started his film career. Then he had not achieved much success. But when Shammi Kapoor got success, he stopped looking back. The actor worked in many great films and proved his acting iron. Just as interesting was Shammi Kapoor’s professional life. Equally interesting was his personal life. On 14 August 2011, Shammi Kapoor said goodbye to the world. Today is his death anniversary. Let us know some interesting things related to them.

Shammi Kapoor was afraid of father Prithviraj

Shammi Kapoor was born on 21 October 1931 to veteran actor Prithviraj Kapoor. Very few people would know that the real name of the actor was not Shammi Kapoor but Shamsher. It is said that Shammi Kapoor was very scared of his father Prithviraj. It is said that when Shammi Kapoor was in the womb of his mother Ram Sharani. During that time two of his uncles had died in a week. In such a situation, Prithviraj and his wife were very worried about the birth of son Shammi Kapoor. You will be surprised to know that Shammi Kapoor is the only son of the Kapoor family. Who was born in the hospital. Shammi Kapoor has been raised like a king.

School missed because of Raj Kapoor

After the birth of Shammi Kapoor, his entire family shifted to Kolkata for a few years. After living in Kolkata for 6-7 years, Prithviraj Kapoor again returned to Mumbai and started the work of Ranjit Studios. In 1944, Shammi Kapoor’s father started Prithvi Theater. In this theatre, he performed Shakuntala for the first time. Shammi Kapoor and Raj Kapoor also participated in the play. Because of which both had to drop out of school as well.

Actually, Raj Kapoor did not get leave from school to take part in the play. He got very angry with this. In a fit of rage, Raj Kapoor got into a fight with the principal of the school. Along with Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor also had to drop out of school.

Wanted to marry Nutan

In real life, Shammi Kapoor was a very romantic kind of man. Shammi Kapoor used to like actress Nutan a lot. She was his childhood girlfriend. It is said that Shammi Kapoor and Nutan were friends of each other since the age of 6. There were neighbors as well. Not only this, there was a very good relationship between both of their families. As soon as Shammi Kapoor and Nutan grew up, both started dating. Shammi Kapoor also wanted to marry Nutan, but Nutan’s mother was not happy with this relationship.

When Geeta Bali said to get married

After not marrying Nutan, Shammi Kapoor met Geeta Bali. The two met on the sets of the film Coffee House. After which both of them appeared together in the film Rang Raatin. Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali went on outdoor shooting together for the shooting of this film. Shammi Kapoor had told his heart to Geeta Bali, but Geeta Bali was not agreeable to the relationship. One day suddenly Geeta Bali told Shammi Kapoor that let’s get married. Hearing this, Shammi Kapoor became very happy. Geeta Bali’s condition was that marriage should be done on the same day.

full of lipstick

Shammi Kapoor was surprised to hear this from Geeta Bali. He told Geeta Bali that how can marriage happen today? Then Geeta Bali said that even Johnny had married on the same day. On hearing this, Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali reached Johnny Walker’s house. Johnny advises both to go to the temple and get married. Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali reached the temple for the wedding. Geeta Bali did not have vermilion at that time. Shammi Kapoor had filled her demand with lipstick.

Used to get angry when compared with Raj Kapoor

It is said that after the start of his film career, Shammi Kapoor was compared to his brother Raj Kapoor. Hearing this, Shammi Kapoor often used to get sad. People used to say that Shammi Kapoor imitates his brother Raj Kapoor. Gradually, Shammi Kapoor’s films started performing well. One day it came that Shammi Kapoor shut the mouth of those who criticized him for his work forever.

True words of Geeta Bali

When Shammi Kapoor married Geeta Bali. Then she used to be a popular and bigger star than him. Once Shammi Kapoor told Geeta Bali with a sad heart that she was going to watch the film Tumsa Nahi Dekha. If the film does not work, he will leave the film industry and become the manager of a tea garden in Assam. Hearing this, Geeta Bali took care of Shammi Kapoor and encouraged him that he would one day become a big star. These words of Geeta Bali actually came true. The film Tumsa Nahi Dekha proved to be the biggest hit of Shammi Kapoor’s film career.


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