Shahrukh Khan gave a message to the coach of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team – bring gold, will celebrate Dhanteras …

Shahrukh Khan gave a message to the coach of the Indian Women’s Hockey Team – bring gold, will celebrate Dhanteras …

Monday has been a day of pride for Indians in the Tokyo Olympics. The Indian Women’s Hockey Team has created history by reaching the semi-finals of the Olympics for the first time and the success of this team is being celebrated all over the country. But in the midst of this celebration, the conversation between two coaches on social media has caught everyone’s attention. This is a chat between film hockey coach Kabir Khan i.e. Shahrukh Khan and women’s hockey team coach Sjoerd Marijne. Responding to a message from Coach Shored, Shah Rukh Khan has asked him to come back with gold and celebrate ‘Dhanteras’.

In fact, on hearing the news of the women’s hockey team reaching the semi-finals, people remembered the film world’s coach ‘Kabir Khan’, who also showed confidence in his team in the same way and won the Hockey World Cup. The superhit film ‘Chak De’ tells the story of India’s women’s hockey team winning the World Cup. Shahrukh played the role of coach in this film. In such a situation, when the real women’s hockey team made it to the semi-finals, this real victory reminded everyone of the film coach Kabir Khan.

In fact, coach Shored Marin had tweeted a day earlier, in which it was written, ‘I’m sorry family, I will return home late now.’ On this tweet of Marin, Shahrukh Khan has replied, ‘Yes, no problem. This time Dhanteras is also on November 2. – X Coach – From Kabir Khan’s side…’

Shahrukh Khan has given a funny message to the coach of the women’s hockey team, Marin. (Twitter Grab)

Not only Shahrukh, many Bollywood stars including the actress who played the role of a hockey player in the film ‘Chak De’ have congratulated the Indian women’s hockey team on this spectacular victory. Let us tell you that the women’s hockey team has reached the semi-finals by defeating three-time Olympic champion and world number two team Australia. The only goal for India came off Gurjit Kaur’s stick. India did well throughout the match and successfully defended 9 penalty corners. After the match, the Dutch coach of the Indian hockey team, Sjoerd Marijne said that how was my heart? It’s still working. This has been my condition in the last three matches. Well, we won. That’s the big deal.

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