SC Asks Center To Take Measures For Judges Safety, Tells Them Not To Leave It To States Only

SC Asks Center To Take Measures For Judges Safety, Tells Them Not To Leave It To States Only

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Center should take steps to protect judges, don't leave it to states alone: ​​Supreme Court

Dhanbad District Judge Uttam Anand was attacked by an auto while he was out for a morning walk.

New Delhi:

The Supreme Court has asked the central government to take necessary steps for the safety of the judges. While hearing a case, the Supreme Court said that this issue cannot be left to the states alone. It is noteworthy that the case of alleged murder of Judge Uttam Anand in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand has caught fire. Questions are being raised about the safety of judges who give decisions in sensitive cases. The CBI is investigating this matter and after interrogating the killers, it is busy in uncovering the truth of the entire conspiracy.

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The Supreme Court has taken suo motu cognizance in this matter. The court warned the states that did not file a status report on the measures taken for the security of the judges. The Supreme Court said, the state government is painting a rosy picture regarding the security of the judges, while the judicial officers are being attacked continuously. States are crying out for lack of funds for CCTV. They are just recording the record of crimes.

They cannot stop criminals from attacking or curb threats. The court has given a week’s time to the states and has warned of imposing a fine of one lakh rupees if the status report is not filed. The court said that if the report is not filed, then the Chief Secretary of that state should appear in the court. Dhanbad district judge Uttam Anand was hit by an auto on July 28, when he was out for a morning walk.

It was earlier believed to be a case of hit and run, but when the CCTV footage was scanned, the story appeared to be something else. In this, the auto driver was seen deliberately hitting the judge on the side of the road and then fled from there. Judge Uttam Anand is handling several cases related to the killing of mafia in Dhanbad. He had also recently rejected the bail plea of ​​two gangsters. He was also hearing the case of murder of an MLA’s close friend.


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