Rishi Kapoor was slapped when Padmini Kolhapure made his cheeks red!  interesting reason

Rishi Kapoor was slapped when Padmini Kolhapure made his cheeks red! interesting reason

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Mumbai. The show man of Hindi cinema, Raj Kapoor, gave unsurpassed films adorned with his acting to the industry, while Indian cinema showed a new direction. Raj Kapoor had the power to get the heroine to do bold scenes in thin clothes on the silver screen, while at the same time serving the film in front of the audience, attacking all kinds of evils spread in the society. Although he has a long list of such films, but today we are talking about the film ‘Prem Rog’, which was released 39 years ago in 1982. Rishi Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure were in the lead roles in the film. During the shooting, Padmini had given many slaps, not one or two, as soon as Rishi’s love request was made.

Padmini Kolhapure played the character of a widowed woman

Actually, in the film ‘Prem Rog’, a young man is shown falling in love with a widowed woman. The shooting of the film was going on. Padmini was in the form of a widowed woman while Rishi was playing the role of a young man who loved her. According to the scene, as soon as Rishi used to express his love, in anger, Padmini had to slap a slap. At that time, Padmini was a newcomer in the industry, as soon as she saw Rishi in front, she would get nervous. In such a situation, the scene slapping Rishi had to be repeated many times.

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Raj Kapoor told the scene after 8 slaps OK

Seeing the scene Ok Nahi Hota, Raj Kapoor, who was directing the film, said that if you slap really hard, not slowly, then he did the same, but Raj Kapoor sahib did not get the shot he wanted. Now Raj Kapoor sahib is the one who keeps a close watch on every scene of his film. He repeated the shot about 8 times. By the time the shot was perfect, Rishi’s fair cheeks had turned red. On completion of the scene, angry Rishi threatened to avenge it. Padmini, who reached a reality show about this slap scandal, had told remembering the old days.

prem rog

Rishi Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure in the characters of Prem Rog – photo credit @

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Raj Kapoor became ‘Prem Rog’, received both criticism and praise

The story of the film ‘Prem Rog’ is about a young man belonging to a simple family who falls in love with a widowed girl from a landlord family. Because of his love, he has to face the opposition of family and society. Apart from Rishi Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure, veteran actresses like Shammi Kapoor, Tanuja and Nanda were also in important roles in this film. The producer-director of this film was Raj Kapoor. It is said that Raj Kapoor was criticized and praised for this film. Although at that time he had taken the risk.

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