Rekhta Urdu Learning Guide Learn Urdu In Simplest Way

Rekhta Urdu Learning Guide Learn Urdu In Simplest Way

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'Sar Chad Ke Bolta Hai Urdu Jabaan Ka Jadu' teaches the same magic in an easy way 'Rekhta Urdu Learning Guide'

Easy way to learn Urdu is ‘Rekhta Urdu Learning Guide’

New Delhi :

Sanjeev Saraf loves Urdu and despite being a businessman, he did the work of instilling Urdu in the younger generation through Rekhta. Rekhta’s effort is to bring the famous poets and writers of Urdu to its readers. But now Rekhta has taken a new initiative, under which this team has also taken up the task of teaching Urdu. Rekhta not only threaded Urdu literature, but also created a site, through which he stepped in the direction of teaching Urdu. Rekhta Books has brought out ‘Rekhta Urdu Learning Guide’. Through this, an attempt has been made to teach this language and script to the readers of Hindi and English in an easy way.

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Interestingly, as complex as the Urdu script appears, an attempt has been made in this book to make it as simple as possible. Through this, both script and language can be learned easily. The book begins with the poetry of Farhat Ehsaas and its opening lines are, ‘Hindostan ki mitti ke asam ka magic, Hindostan ka jadu saare jahan ka jadu, sar chadh ke bolta hai Urdu jabaan ka magic…’ It comes to understanding the nuances of Urdu script. The special features of the script have been told here.

The ‘Rekhta Urdu Learning Guide’ is divided into five modules, and has 23 units. In this way, this book has been prepared like a course. Sanjeev Saraf has written about this, ‘Maximum benefit can be taken by reading the book keeping in mind the instructions given with the module.’ Each module is superbly threaded and has specific instructions. In this way Rekhta has taken a meaningful initiative in the direction of teaching Urdu, and in such a situation this book becomes very important.

book: Rekhta Urdu Learning Guide
Publisher: Rekhta Books
Price: 300 rupees


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