Rare species of ‘Pangolin’ found sitting in Noida drain is believed to be worth 4.5 crores

Rare species of ‘Pangolin’ found sitting in Noida drain is believed to be worth 4.5 crores

A pangolin has been found sitting in a drain in Noida. Its value in the international market is being told in crores of rupees. Due to the high price, it is also smuggled. It is most commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Noida, ( noida ) A rare species of pangolin (Indian pangolin) has been found in a drain in Bahalolpur village located in Sector-63. It is believed that due to the fear of the people, it was hiding in the drain. The police station Phase-3 has taken out the pangolin from the drain and handed it over to the forest department. Forest department officials believe that the pangolin may have reached the village along the banks of the Hindon river. The photo of this pangolin is now being fiercely viral on social media.

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This pangolin is a rare species of dark-brown or yellow-brown color. Its weight is about 17 kg and length is three feet. It looks somewhat like a snake and a lizard. Bahlolpur outpost in-charge Surendra Singh said that on the basis of an information, he had reached Bahalolpur village. There was a rare species of pangolin in the drain. People around were trying to drive him away by harassing him. Due to the fear of the villager, he hid in the drain. Somehow the pangolin was pulled out of the drain. The forest department officials were informed about this. Divisional Forest Officer Pramod Kumar Srivastava said that now preparations are being made to send the pangolin found from Bahalolpur village to a safe place. Pangolins are mostly found in the Yamuna Khadar region.

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Divisional Forest Officer Pramod Kumar Srivastava said that pangolin is included in the species of rare creatures whose number is decreasing day by day. Smugglers smuggle pangolin bones and meat into the international market. It is most commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They are used in making many other types of medicines along with sex enhancing drugs. In many other countries, it is eaten as a non-veg food. Its meat is sold in the market up to Rs 27 thousand per kg. A pangolin was also found two months ago. Due to the high price in the national and international market, its smuggling keeps happening. Therefore the cost of the creature is around Rs 4 crore.

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