Rahil Mehta aka The Dancing DJ said, we should do things where we love

Rahil Mehta aka The Dancing DJ said, we should do things where we love

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New Delhi. Rahil Mehta aka ‘The Dancing DJ’, who has stolen the hearts of crores of people these days with his dancing. He has now become the first live artist in India to incorporate the fusion of dance and DJ into his live sets. At the same time, do you know that he is also a DJ by profession. Perhaps that’s why, in such a great way, he presents the series of old songs in a unique way.

Yes, some of your favorite old songs series like: Chunari Chunari and Woh Chali. Rahil performs an interesting dance number on these songs. In the ‘Reels’ section of Instagram, you will definitely get to hear these funky tunes of Rahil, which you will surely get lost in your old memories.

Mehta tells about himself, “I believe that it is very easy to get a job and make a secure life. But, it is not everyone’s thing to follow your passion. Just like that, I am very into dance and DJ. Happiness comes. So, I listened to my heart. Of course, choosing this path was not that easy. But, you have to take your own stand for the one you love.”

By the way, Rahil started dancing at a very young age. He is a DJ since 2015. Her inclination towards music and dance has been there since the beginning, which gives her pleasure. Let us tell you that Rahil has performed in some of the most famous clubs in Mumbai.

On the passion to love one’s own work, ‘The Dancing DJ’ said, “I always ask everyone to put in the effort to pursue your dreams. It will make you happy. Just like that, being happy is mine. above everything else, and I found joy in music. Especially, when someone says you can’t do it, then it’s fun to do that work. We get life once, so live it freely. They used to dance too.”


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