Radhika Apte is being trended on top on Twitter, the demand for #BoycottRadhikaApte is rising

Radhika Apte is being trended on top on Twitter, the demand for #BoycottRadhikaApte is rising

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Radhika Apte is a well-known name in the Bollywood world. Radhika attracts the audience with her stunning performance and unique films. But on Friday, there is a demand to boycott Radhika on social media platform Twitter. It is worth noting that during this time neither any film of the actress has come nor Radhika has announced any new film, yet Radhika is trending top on Twitter. Actually, users who trended Radhika Apte on Twitter are accusing her of spreading obscenity in films and saying that the actress is working against the culture of India.

It is worth mentioning that Radhika Apte is also known for her serious characters in artistic films. Radhika has worked in films like Clean Shaven, Ahilya, Date Day After Everyday. Users criticizing the actress say that Radhika promotes pornographic content. After this, there is a continuous demand to boycott him. Along with this, some users are also seeing it by linking it to the Raj Kundra case. He says that why Radhika Apte or other Bollywood celebrity is sitting silent in Raj Kundra case. Some say that Bollywood makes anti-Hindu movies.

Let us tell you that some users have directly targeted Radhika’s silence on the arrest of Raj Kundra and alleged pornography film making. Radhika Apte was also seen in films like Parched and Hunter, in which she has some bold scenes, about which people are demanding to boycott her. People believe that Radhika is working against Indian culture.

Rape has also been made an issue in this trend, in fact, people are giving their reactions to the rape of girls in India and the reaction of Bollywood stars to it. A user says that when the Kathua rape incident happened, the entire Bollywood gathered together, but why is everyone calm in the case of Raj Kundra. What is the habit of Bollywood to tarnish Indian culture?

Let us tell you that recently Radhika Apte came into the discussion about her nude clip, which was from her film Clean Shaven. Radhika’s pictures had gone viral in such a way that the actress got upset, on which she said, giving a statement, that I did not come out of my house for 4 days. My driver, my stylist’s driver, my watchman were recognizing me from those pictures. The photo which was going viral was a selfie without clothes, if any sensible person sees it, it is understood that it was not me or would have ignored it again.

On the other hand, when Radhika gave a bold scene for her film Parched, Radhika also said that when I had to give a bold scene for the film, I realized that now there is nothing left to hide. Talking about Radhika Apte’s career, she is a well-known face of the film industry. She has worked in great films like Badlapur Andhadhun, Hunter, along with Radhika has also worked in the Sacred Games web series.


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