Preity Zinta was saddened by the bad condition of Afghanistan, said- ‘Heart is broken, God bless them’

Preity Zinta was saddened by the bad condition of Afghanistan, said- ‘Heart is broken, God bless them’

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New Delhi: Ever since the Taliban took control of Kabul, the peace loving people of Afghanistan have been living under the shadow of fear. They are worried about the future of themselves and their children. They are running here and there to save their lives and are pleading for help from the world. Heart-wrenching videos have come out from many areas of Afghanistan, which can make anyone’s soul tremble. When Preity Zinta saw these videos, she could not control her grief. She is expecting the world leaders to take some concrete steps in this matter at the earliest.

She is praying that citizens of other countries, including all the Indians trapped in Afghanistan, get out safely from there. He has expressed concern over the plight of Afghanistan by tweeting and hoped for the safe evacuation of the people trapped there. Preeti has tweeted, ‘Many of our Indian brothers and sisters and people from other countries are trapped in Afghanistan. It is hoped that they will return to the safety of their respective homes as soon as possible. Seeing the situation there, my heart is broken. God bless them.

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All the celebs of Bollywood have spoken on the injustice being done to Afghanistan. Many celebs including Ram Gopal Varma, Shabana Azmi have strongly condemned the Taliban by tweeting and expressed grief over the bad condition of Afghanistan. Shabana has tweeted, ‘History tells us that fanatics first attack culture in the name of religion. Remember how the Taliban destroyed the 6th century Bamiyan Buddha statue. It is a sign that the brutality will continue. Many foreigners are trapped in Afghanistan. They want to leave the country as soon as possible.

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