Prakash Raj injured due to fall, reached Hyderabad for surgery, said – remember in prayers…

Prakash Raj injured due to fall, reached Hyderabad for surgery, said – remember in prayers…

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The fans of Prakash Raj, a well-known actor of Bollywood and South Film Industry, got worried when they saw a tweet by Prakash Raj, in which he hurt his fans. Said to be and go to Hyderabad for his surgery. Prakash Raj became a victim of an accident on Tuesday i.e. 10 August. After this news surfaced, the fans of Prakash Raj are wishing for his speedy recovery. In his tweet, he has not given information about how and where the injury took place.

Prakash Raj is very active on social media. The list of fans of Prakash Raj is long. The actor recently made a tweet, after seeing which the fans have become worried about his health and are wishing him a speedy recovery. Actually, he tweeted and said, ‘Slightly fell… a small fracture. Going to Hyderabad for surgery in the safe hands of my friend Dr Guruvareddy. I’ll be fine, nothing to worry about. Remember me in your prayers.

After this tweet of Prakash Raj, fans are commenting fiercely. His fans are trying to ask him where he got hurt and how is his health. His fans are constantly praying for his recovery.

One social media user wrote, “Take care of yourself… I hope you get well soon.” Another user has written, ‘Dr Guruvareddy.., please treat him properly’.

Let us tell you that Prakash Raj has got a lot of frame as a negative role in Bollywood films. However, in the Bollywood film Singham, he played the role of Jaikant Shikre. He was very much liked in this role. Prakash has been honored with the National Award five times in his film career.

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