Only Platform Has Change, Not Work… Hope Sonia Gandhi Will Forgive Me: Sushmita Dev After Joins TMC

Only Platform Has Change, Not Work… Hope Sonia Gandhi Will Forgive Me: Sushmita Dev After Joins TMC

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'No grudge against Sonia-Rahul Gandhi': Sushmita Dev on leaving Congress and joining TMC

Sushmita Dev joined Trinamool Congress on Monday (File photo)

New Delhi:

Former MP Sushmita Dev, who left Congress and joined Trinamool Congress, said that I do not have any grudge against the Congress leadership. Sushmita Dev joined Mamata Banerjee’s party Trinamool Congress on Monday. Sushmita Dev said on Tuesday that I had sent my resignation to Sonia Gandhi on 15th August and on 16th August met Mamata Banerjee and joined Trinamool Congress. The relationship with Congress was of 30 years. Congress has given me a lot of opportunities… as MP, President of All India Mahila Congress. Congress gave me many opportunities to work. If there is any deficiency, I hope Soniaji will forgive me.

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Sushmita Dev told NDTC, “I don’t have any grudges with Congress leadership. When two people part ways, it’s not just anger or resentment all the time. I wrote to Sonia Gandhi in my resignation letter to her. I have expressed my gratitude. There is no resentment behind the separation from Congress. He said that in my view there is no clash between the principles of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee.

When asked if you will be the face in Assam? The Trinamool leader said that “this decision has to be taken by the Trinamool Congress leadership. I have told Mamata Banerjee that I want to work in the organization… Whatever happens in the future will be good.”

Sushmita Dev said that I have not compromised on ideology. I have joined Trinamool Congress without any condition. I worked under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, now I will work under the leadership of Mamta. Both the leaders have merits. He said that I think Trinamool Congress is a good platform for me.

On any kind of complaint to the Congress leadership, he said that I do not have any grudge with the Congress leadership. I worked with him for 30 years. Blowing the grime would not be good. The TMC leader said that I had posed for a picture with the Congress leadership on August 14. Only the platform has changed, the work is as before.

On Sushmita Dev joining the party, Trinamool Congress leader Derek O’Brien said that we are not doing any poaching. Not trying to break any party. If there are talented people who want to join Mamta Banerjee then they are welcome. He said that Mamata Banerjee would attend the meeting called by Congress President Sonia Gandhi on August 20. The opposition demonstrated unity during the monsoon session of Parliament.


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