New Mobile App for mental health as Coronavirus affects body and psychology

New Mobile App for mental health as Coronavirus affects body and psychology

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A mobile app has been introduced in view of the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of the people. In this regard, by organizing an interactive online program, experts told the victims a way out of it.

New Delhi. An interactive online program was organized on the occasion of Independence Day. Raman Negi was the chief guest artist and composer during this. During the interactive program, he shared his thoughts about the effect of corona virus on the body besides changes in the mental thinking of human beings. He said that corona not only weakens you physically, but it also changes your thinking. Only those people who have been affected by its bite can know and understand this thing better. How deadly its effect can be, no one can know it better than a person affected by corona.

Chief-guest Raman Negi said this during an online discussion on mental health with Krishna Veer Singh, founder of NGO Listen.

This is an effective way to get out from the ill effects of corona

During the interactive program, Dr. Preeti Singh, Chief Physician and Psychologist at Listen explained in detail how COVID affects mental health. What stresses and disorders do corona affected people go through.

Dr. Singh explained how we can start addressing mental health issues. In times like these, your patience and your willpower to face the challenges of life is the most effective solution.

He said that mental health depends on the capacity of a person. Where does the affected person find himself between his health and illness, how does he manage critical situations? So how does he handle himself? It is an important piece of quality of life. Mental health education and early intervention are essential for better health outcomes.

Lisson officials said that by visiting, post Kovid-19 patients can get information on how to overcome all the problems. The office bearers of the organization said that everyone has seen that the physical impact of Kovid-19 on a person affects mental health as well.


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