Nagina was first offered to Jaya Prada, after Sridevi got the film, the enmity between the two became deeper.

Nagina was first offered to Jaya Prada, after Sridevi got the film, the enmity between the two became deeper.

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Actress Jayaprada and Sridevi, who were considered a package of beauty, acting and dance in their time, used to dominate in the 80s. Jayaprada and Sridevi used to appear in most of the films and she was considered the key to the success of any film. Both used to give thorns to each other, because there was no lack in beauty, neither in acting nor in dance. Whenever there was an entry of Sri Devi or Jaya Prada on the screen, people’s hearts used to stop and they used to keep watching them and their acting. It is worth noting that both these heroines were superstars in the eighties, but the relationship between these two was not special. Due to the pressure and competition to make themselves successful, these two never became good friends. Many times such situations had also come where there was a fight between these two.

Significantly, both Jayaprada and Sridevi used to be amazing actresses, so the competition of both of them was also very strong and people used to compare both of them with each other. Some liked Jaya Prada and some Sridevi. Where Sridevi had got the status of Lady Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Prada’s stardom also spoke loudly. Jayaprada and Sridevi appeared together in many films but their enmity was so close that they did not even talk to each other. Both of them were so busy in the competition to outdo each other that they never paid attention to each other. In that era, these two actresses were none other behind the success of films like Makishk, Aulad and Tauhfa.

Already the relationship between these two was not very good and the film Nagina had a big hand behind creating a deeper gap in their relationship. The film Nagina was first offered to Jayaprada but then the film went to Sridevi and Sridevi decided to do this film. The film is still watched with great enthusiasm by the audience. Jayaprada was also very angry with the filmmaker for taking Sridevi in ​​the film.

Recently Jaya Prada reached the stage of Indian Idol 12, where she told that her relationship with Sridevi was not good. Recalling her old days on stage, Jaya Prada said that ‘whenever we were introduced to each other on the sets, we used to just say hello and move on’. It is said that Jaya Prada and Sri Devi’s co-stars never wanted a fight between the two. Many times he even tried to make reconciliation between these two, but his efforts never came to fruition. Jaya Prada told that once the shooting of the film ‘Maksad’ was going on, then Jeetu ji and Rajesh Khanna had locked Jaya and Sridevi in ​​the make-up room for 1 hour as part of the planning. Even during that time, both of us did not think it necessary to talk to each other.

It was told that when Jaya Prada married her son, she also invited Sri Devi and Sridevi, forgetting her old things, joined the marriage like a good friend. So Jaya Prada also forgot everything and warmly welcomed Sri Devi and changed the old bitterness into new sweetness. Let us tell you that in some cases, Jaya Prada stepped into politics and distanced herself from the film world, due to which both of them parted ways. When Sridevi died, Jaya Prada also expressed her passion.


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