Musician Gulfam Ahmed Daughter And Son In Law Stuck In Afghanistan

Musician Gulfam Ahmed Daughter And Son In Law Stuck In Afghanistan

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Musician Gulfam Ahmed lives in Sector-34, Noida. Gulfam is honored with Yash Bharti and Padma Shri.

Noida. There has been an outcry in Afghanistan since the capture of the Taliban. People have left Afghanistan to take refuge in other countries, videos and pictures of Afghanistan are going viral on social media. Everyone wants to escape to save his life. Please tell that the daughter and son-in-law of Gulfam Ahmed living in Noida are also stranded in Afghanistan. Gulfam Ahmed lives in Sector 34 of Noida and seeing the deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan, he is very worried for his daughter and son-in-law, due to which he has appealed to the government for help. Gulfam Ahmed is originally from Bugrasi town of Bulandshahr.

Gulfam Ahmed, a musician by profession, has also been honored with Yash Bharti 2016 and Padma Shri 2021. Gulfam told that many generations ago his family had migrated from Afghanistan and settled in India since then they are here. Let us tell you that Gulfam Ahmed is known for playing Rabab, the musical instrument of Afghanistan. Gulfam’s daughter Hazra Khan and son-in-law Habib Shahale have been living in Afghanistan for a long time. When Ahmed talked to his daughter, he told that the situation there has worsened. Although the situation in the area where his daughter is located is somewhat better, but what will happen there in the coming time, nothing can be said. Because of which they are very upset and want to bring their children with them.

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On the other hand, the students studying in Greater Noida, who have come from Afghanistan and are studying in many big universities here, are also worried about their family members. Mir Waiz, a student studying in Sharda University, is a resident of Afghanistan. Seeing the situation in Afghanistan, fear has set in his mind and is very worried for his family members. Let us tell you that there are so many people who are either trapped in Afghanistan themselves or their close friends. Seeing these conditions of Afghanistan, the whole world is praying for the people there. But fear is in everyone’s mind.

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