Mumtaz did not wear a swim suit with her thighs, wore a bikini at the behest of Firoz Khan

Mumtaz did not wear a swim suit with her thighs, wore a bikini at the behest of Firoz Khan

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New Delhi. Actress Mumtaz is one of the famous actresses of the bygone era. His style still makes people crazy. Mumtaz has done great films like Do Raaste, Roti, Aapki Kasam, and Toy. In such a situation, he has shared his anecdote about the film crime. In which she told how Feroz Khan had persuaded her to wear a bikini. Know the full story.

Mumtaz spoke on wearing a bikini

Actually, Mumtaz had told that she used to feel very comfortable about her thighs. This was disclosed by Mumtaz in an interview. When Mumtaz was asked about swimming scenes and wearing bikinis in the film ‘Crime’. Mumtaz replied saying that ‘he did that scene. But he was never told about this scene. He has a splash or two in the pool. Mumtaz told that she was very good at horse riding and cycling. He even rode a horse in a film.


Firoz Khan advised to wear bikini

On wearing a swim dress, Mumtaz had told that she wore a swimming dress in Roop Tera Mastana Song. Mumtaz told that ‘she wore a bikini in the film ‘Crime’. He had a complication with his thighs earlier. Mumtaz used to think that ‘bikini is very open’. But Firoz Khan explained to her that if she does this scene then she will remove it. Mumtaz says that when she saw that scene, she felt that she was looking very beautiful and sexy.


Mumtaz spoke on the dress of actresses

Regarding today’s style in Bollywood, Mumtaz said that ‘everything has changed now. All the actresses of today are bold. She also works hard, but she never wore such loose clothes in her time. Mumtaz asked if a woman does not look glamorous even in a sari? And if you wear it down a bit? Also, Mumtaz had said that even today’s songs have no power. Can’t remember today’s songs.

told the smell of films

Mumtaz also gave his side on today’s films. He told that ‘Today’s films are smell. There will be no story in the film but bold scenes will be present. Mumtaz said that ‘why there is a need to show nudity in films to show sex’. Can’t it just be positive? Mumtaz also suggested that it is better if there are no streets in the dialogues. Mumtaz told that nowadays there are no censors.


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