Monu Albela-Shilpi Raj’s Bhojpuri song ‘Bachha Li Ayansh Ke Humra’ released, the campaign to save the innocent continues!

Monu Albela-Shilpi Raj’s Bhojpuri song ‘Bachha Li Ayansh Ke Humra’ released, the campaign to save the innocent continues!

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Bhojpuri Singer Monu Albela and superstar singer Shilpi Raj’s new Bhojpuri song ‘Bacha Li Ayansh Ke Hamra’ (Bacha Lin Ayansh Ke Hamra) has been released. Will make you cry. This song is part of a campaign to which many Bhojpuri stars are associated. Monu Albela is a famous singer of Bhojpuri cinema. On the other hand, the praise of Shilpi Raj is less. Shilpi Raj is a trending singer of Bhojpuri. Both have now come together for this song.

On 7th August, Monu Albela and Shilpi Raj’s new Bhojpuri song ‘Bachha Li Ayansh Ke Humra’ has been released on the official YouTube channel of Mercury Music, which people are very fond of. The song has not got much success in terms of views, but this song is very painful because it is made to save the life of a child. In this song, Monu Albela and her actress are asking for money from people walking on the road so that the little child Ayansh can be helped. Let us tell you that the voice of Shilpi Raj has worked its magic. The song is written by Ajay Bachchan and music is given by Joni. The song has got more than 10 thousand views so far.

Ankush Raja was the first to write a post for a 10-month-old innocent and appealed to the people for his help. After this, stars like Ritesh Pandey and Gunjan Singh also came forward to help him. Recently, Ankush Raja also took the initiative by releasing a song to help the child. He has appealed to the people for help by singing the song ‘Jeevan Maange Ayansh’. This song of his is heart-wrenching.

Ankush Raja had requested people for help by posting an Instagram to help a 10-month-old child named Ayansh. His same post was also shared by Ritesh Pandey on Facebook and appealed to the people for help. Ankush wrote in the post, ‘A request from Akush Raja Ayansh Singh, who is only 10 months old, is battling a rare disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type-1. In this disease, the body part gradually stops working. Till now the child is not able to survive more than two years in this disease. Regarding saving the child’s life, Ankush writes, ‘We have only one treatment for this, Zolgensma injection, which costs in crores not in lakhs. Its price is 16 crores and it is not even available in our India. This injection has to be ordered from America. Such a huge amount is impossible for us, but it is not impossible, this amount can be possible with your help and cooperation, the child’s life can be saved. The child’s life is now in your hands. You want the child to grow up among you, all this is possible only with your cooperation.

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