Madhya Pradesh: Marksheet Scam In Jabalpur Medical University Many Students Pass Without Exam – Madhya Pradesh: Marksheet Scam In Jabalpur Medical University!  Many students pass without exams

Madhya Pradesh: Marksheet Scam In Jabalpur Medical University Many Students Pass Without Exam – Madhya Pradesh: Marksheet Scam In Jabalpur Medical University! Many students pass without exams

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Let us inform that 300 colleges are attached to Madhya Pradesh Medical University. About 80,000 students are studying in the colleges attached to this university. Madhya Pradesh Medical University is the governing body of all medical, dental, nursing, paramedical, ayurveda, homeopathy, unani, yoga colleges in the state. Which is now surrounded by allegations of fake marksheet scam. According to the investigation report related to the matter presented in the High Court, there have been serious irregularities in the preparation of question paper to checking answer sheets, from revaluation to issuing mark sheets. Not only was the marksheet issued by manipulating the numbers, but it was also passed to many such students who did not even sit in the examination.

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Akhilesh Tripathi, an activist associated with the Right to Information, has disclosed this matter. He said that the inquiry committee has found that money has been earned by failing the students. The company took more money, lost the revenue, the people here are immersed in the corrupt system. Social workers say that even after the matter came to light, there was no FIR against the company that made the result, only its contract was canceled. The company did not even give the data to the university. The company said that their office in Bangalore is closed in lockdown, then the company went to the High Court against the termination, the university is not presenting the answer now.

University registrar Dr Prabhat Budholia said that the company has gone to court. We have appointed a lawyer, now the honorable court will decide. In fact, a three-member committee was formed under the chairmanship of former registrar Dr JK Gupta to investigate the matter. In which it was found that the examination work interface is not fixed in the university, due to all the work being done through email, the database was changed. The software has a make address instead of an IP address, which is not appropriate from the security point of view. Signature of the Deputy Registrar is mandatory in the marksheet, but matching with the TR sheet is prohibited which is objectionable. The company’s server is in the confidential room of the university, but the database was not given even on demand. The data of the marksheet has been cut-pasted in PDF and Excel through email, which is likely to cause data changes and errors. Before the declaration of the result, it was sent to the staff of the university on the mail id. The controller of examination sent the marks while on leave, which the company recorded in the mark sheet. The condition of submitting the soft copy of the data to the university was also violated.

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However, in the response sent by the company via email, all the allegations have been denied. The company has said that in the last few months, we were harassed by a university official for inherent reasons. The said officer put pressure on our team to compromise with the sanctity of the examination. Which we refused to accept. Because of which that officer, abusing his position, terminated our contract and blacklisted us. We have challenged this decision in the High Court. The honorable court has stayed the decision of the university on July 29 and has kept the next hearing on August 16. Hope we will get justice from the Honorable High Court, the matter is in the court, so we do not want to comment on that officer.

Experts believe that the role of university-administration-police in the whole matter is doubtful, High Court lawyer Amitabh Gupta said that the registrar’s report here is sufficient, the police can unravel the whole story if they want. JK Gupta of the inquiry committee has been removed from the post. On the other hand, the controller of examination, who was removed as responsible for the results of the examination, his transfer order was canceled the next day. In July, after more layers of the case opened, he was again removed from the post.


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