Madhya Pradesh: Chaos On Fuel Price In MP Assembly

Madhya Pradesh: Chaos On Fuel Price In MP Assembly

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MP: On hearing the reply of the Minister of Commerce Tax on petrol and diesel, Congress MLAs created a ruckus, Assembly proceedings adjourned

Madhya Pradesh: Congress MLAs create ruckus in the assembly over the issue of petrol-diesel price (file photo)

Bhopal :

Madhya Pradesh: On increasing prices of petrol-diesel and LPG (Petrol-Diesel prices) Madhya Pradesh There was a lot of uproar in the (Madhya Pradesh) assembly. The ruckus started after the question of Congress MLA Mevaram Jatav. Congress MLAs started making noise by getting down in the well. As a result, the assembly proceedings had to be adjourned till 12 noon. In fact, Congress members created a ruckus during the Question Hour in the Assembly regarding the increase in fuel prices. In response to the question of Congress MLA Mevaram Jatav, Commerce Tax Minister Jagdish Deora said that the tax on petrol and diesel was increased in the Kamal Nath government, Our BJP government had reduced the tax in the last tenure. On this, Leader of Opposition Kamal Nath said that leave what we had done, today the whole country and the state is facing inflation, we have proposed in this way that it should be discussed immediately.

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On this issue, the members of the ruling party stood up and allegations and counter-allegations started from both the sides. was reduced from 31% to 28%. The Kamal Nath government increased it from 28% to 33% as it is today. We reduced the tax on diesel from 27% to 22% and then 18% but the Kamal Nath government reduced it to 23%. Same is today, we have not increased the tax.

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Congress MLA Lakhan Singh Yadav raised the question about not removing the priest of Radha Krishna temple tortoise, Ravindra Kumar Sharma, again in the assembly today. He said that Friday’s sub-divisional officers are new, they do not have knowledge yet, so they have given wrong report under pressure. On this, the members of the ruling party said that they are insulting the girl coming from the tribal society. Tourism Minister Usha Thakur said that girls are not poor, they are working at full capacity. Minister Meena Singh readily demanded that the member should be apologized, tribals are not poor. Due to this, a series of allegations and counter-allegations started between the two sides, which continued for some time.


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