KRK claims – Kangana Ranaut is dating ‘Imran’, said – ‘Yeh toh love-jihad hai didi’

KRK claims – Kangana Ranaut is dating ‘Imran’, said – ‘Yeh toh love-jihad hai didi’

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Mumbai: Actor and critic Kamal Rashid Khan is in the news for less and more controversial statements about his films. KRK, who is very active on social media, often makes controversial statements about some celebrity and then gets into the discussion. Kamaal R Khan Twitter is once again seen doing something similar. KRK, who has made controversial tweets about some celeb and messes with the people of the industry, has now targeted Bollywood’s ‘Panga Queen’ Kangana Ranaut. KRK has made a claim about Kangana Ranaut, which is related to the personal life of the actress.

KRK had made a tweet about Kangana Ranaut. However, after some time he also deleted this tweet. In his tweet, KRK has claimed about Queen Kangana Ranaut that she is dating a man named Imran. Along with this, he has also targeted the actress for ‘Love Jihad’. KRK had also tweeted two photos of Kangana, in which she is seen with a man.

Kamal R Khan claims that the person seen with Kangana Ranaut in the photo is Imran, whom the actress is dating these days. In his tweet, Kamal Rashid Khan writes- ‘Breaking news- Kangana Ranaut is dating an Egyptian boy named Imran. This is love jihad, didi. Didn’t expect this from you. However, this tweet made around 8 pm was later deleted by KRK.

Kamal R Khan has now deleted this tweet.

But, even before KRK deleted this tweet, it came to the notice of the users and went viral on sight. Many users also reacted to KRK’s tweet. At the same time, now the fans of Kangana Ranaut are waiting for their reaction on this claim of KRK.

kangana ranaut, rizwan

Kangana Ranaut posted this photo a few days ago. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @kanganaranaut)

Let me tell you, Kangana Ranaut shared a photo with a person on July 28 itself. Kangana shared this photo while celebrating the birthday of the person in the photo. In which she is seen feeding cake to the person. The person who is seen in Kangana’s share photo, KRK has shared Kangana’s photo with this. Which he has told Imran. But, Kangana has written the person’s name ‘Rizwan’ in her post.

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