Kolkata Singer Rohit Bag says he wants to earn Music not money Bhojpuri Bengali Raya

Kolkata Singer Rohit Bag says he wants to earn Music not money Bhojpuri Bengali Raya

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It is said that those who work hard never give up. Those who work hard sometimes get their destination. A similar story is of Kolkata’s Singer Rohit Bag. He is a young talented artist who concentrates more on his own songs. He has achieved a lot at a very young age. He has sung artistic tracks like Tunes, Jupiter and Cyclotron. Apart from this, he has also given many hits in the Bengali music industry.

Singer Rohit Bagh is very active on social media and has more than 8 lakh followers on his Instagram. This is the reason that if any of his songs come, it is a blast. Apart from being a singer, Rohit also runs the Bag IG strategic automation firm, where he helps create Instagram and business growth strategies and campaigns. Along with becoming a musician, he is also fond of becoming a businessman.

Rohit says of his creative process, “First of all, I visualize the seed of an idea. Then from there, I keep building on that. If I have an idea for a beat or melody, I’ll write it down or make a voice recording—anything simple that will help me remember it for later. And when I get time, I refer to the note I made earlier and come up with ideas that would go well with everything. As an independent artist, I work on my plans and can do everything according to my liking. My appreciation from fans helps me focus on my music.

Regarding the difficulties of being an independent artist, Rohit says that ‘Being an independent artist is sometimes a cause of difficulty. If you are fully capable to do your work then you can do everything well. But, whenever I come up with a new project, my fans and well-wishers shower a lot of love on it and that is the secret of my enthusiasm and drives me to do what I am doing. I hope I keep on making more songs. He also said that ‘I do not want to earn money but make music.’

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