Know from which word the snakes stay away

Know from which word the snakes stay away

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reverence for snakes on nagpanchami

Nag Panchami 2021: This year i.e. on this day, Friday, August 13, is the festival of Nag Panchami. In Hinduism, the serpent has been given the title of a deity and he is also worshiped. On the other hand, Nagpanchami is a festival in addition to the reverence for the serpents, when people worship the snake deity to remove the defects present in their horoscope.

In such a situation, many such Hindu mythological beliefs are prevalent even today, due to which a person feels safe. One of these, in relation to the believer Muni, it is believed that on taking his name, any snake stays away from you and does not harm.

In fact, stories related to serpents are read in many texts of Hinduism. One of these is related to the origin of serpents in the Adi Parva of Mahabharata and Nagdah Yagya of King Janamejaya.

Origin of Nag Dynasty:
According to the Mahabharata, Kadru was also one of the 13 wives of Maharishi Kashyap. Once Maharishi Kashyap, pleased with the service rendered by Kadru, asked him to ask for a boon. On this Kadru asked him for the boon of one thousand stunning snake sons. After which the Naga dynasty was born as a result of the boon of Maharishi Kashyap.

origin of the believer
It is believed that Vasuki, the king of serpents and son of Kadru, got his sister Manasadevi married to sage Jaratkaru. After which Manasadevi had a son, who was named ‘Astik’. This believer grew up at the house of Nagraj Vasuki and the believer was given the knowledge of Vedas by Chyavan Rishi.

According to the legend, the reign of King Janamejaya was on the earth at that time. At that time i.e. at the beginning of Kali Yuga, the sage son cursed King Parikshit for insulting his father, due to which Takshak Nag bit King Parikshit, and he died.

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In such a situation, when King Janamejaya got the news of the death of his father Parikshit, he was very sad, but as soon as he came to know that he had died due to the bite of the snake Takshak, he became very angry. And at the same time, King Janamejaya decided to perform Nagdah Yagya.

After this, as soon as the Nagdah yagya started, all kinds of snakes started falling in this yagya. During the yagna, the sage would offer sacrifice by taking the name of the sage and the snake would fall in the fire pit. Seeing this, the fearful Takshak of the yagya hid in the house of Devraj Indra.

Nagdah Yagya was stopped by the believer Muni.
Seeing the complete destruction of the snake race, the serpents prayed to the believer for protection. Pleased with the prayer on this, before saving the serpents, the believer Muni took a promise from him that the place where the serpent would see his name written or where his name would be taken, the serpent would not enter that place and would remain 100 kos away from that place. .

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Nag Panchami

After this, the believer sage came to the place of yagya and started praising the yajna. Seeing this, King Janamejaya called him to grant a boon. On this, King Janamejaya requested the believer Muni to stop the snake yajna. King Janamejaya at first denied in this regard, but later on persuasion by the sages, he agreed.

Thus the believer sage saved the godly snakes from being consumed. Due to the promise taken by the believer to the serpents, it is believed that snakes do not bite the person who takes the name of the believer at the time of fear of snakes. Also, even today, snakes do not enter the place where the name of the believer Muni is written.

Due to this belief, many people even today write ‘Aastik Muni’s cry’ for protection from snakes on the outer wall of their house.

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Nag Panchami


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