Kareena Kapoor Khan told how her ‘sex life’ was during pregnancy, Saif Ali Khan supported

Kareena Kapoor Khan told how her ‘sex life’ was during pregnancy, Saif Ali Khan supported

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Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has been in discussion for the past several days about her book ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan Pregnancy Bible’. Meanwhile, on August 9, she launched her book on pregnancy. The actress launched her book by coming Instagram live with her friend Karan Johar. During those times, Karan asked Kareena many questions related to her pregnancy time, which Bebo answered in a very good way. Kareena talked about the ups and downs in life during pregnancy.

in instagram live session Kareena Kapoor Khan Said that the second pregnancy was difficult for her as compared to the first pregnancy. Kareena said, ‘The second pregnancy was very tough for me, there was not so much trouble during Taimur’s time as it happened at the time of Jeh. When I was pregnant at the time of Taimur, everything was very smooth, I was feeling good, I enjoyed that period which gave me the encouragement that let’s do it again. But the second time things had changed. I used to have a lot of problems due to which I used to think that I cannot do this, I will not be able to do this and nothing is going to be okay in the future.

Kareena further said, ‘When you are pregnant, people do not realize what you are really feeling about yourself. Sometimes I was feeling fabulous, happy and sexy, but then I wondered what is happening, how am I going to do all this. I didn’t understand anything. I used to feel low. I went through a lot of trauma mentally in the last trimester. I used to feel that my legs have become 100 kg.

Kareena Kapoor Khan has also talked about her sex life. He said, ‘In such times it is very important to support the man and not pressurize the woman to look beautiful or make her feel less. When you’re pregnant, people just feel like they don’t have that kind of mood and emotion. You really don’t know what you feel about yourself. Your husband has to be the most supportive at that time, and Saif helped me a lot during that time.”

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