IT Sector Showing Growth, Companies Hiring Engineers Speedily

IT Sector Showing Growth, Companies Hiring Engineers Speedily

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IT Jobs: The demand for professionals has increased tremendously, companies are offering 50-90 percent more salary.

New Delhi. Due to the rapid digitization due to Corona, the demand for tech professionals has increased tremendously since January. At present, the battle of hiring talent is going on in IT companies. IT companies are offering up to four times the salary to hire qualified talent (engineers). At the same time, in order to retain their talents, apart from salary hikes ranging from 50 percent to 60 percent, they are offering many other incentives.

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Hiring to meet demand
Hitesh Oberoi, CEO, Infoage said that almost every engineer has three to four job offers right now. The dropout rate in tech jobs has reached 50 to 60 percent, which was 7 to 15 percent a year ago, i.e. candidates are turning down 60 percent of offers.

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Because of this, tech hiring is increasing
Companies are hiring engineers to meet the demand for digital and software. On the other hand, startups are hiring IT professionals due to strong funding. The country’s big IT companies will hire more than one lakh freshers this year.

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Engineer is king in the tech hiring world right now. The engineer who developed the software six months ago, who was getting a package of Rs 18 lakh annually, has been offered 23 lakh by another company, the third American company is giving 1.15 crore to the same.


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