Insurance is also necessary for electric scooters, know how to choose better coverage– NayaTez

Insurance is also necessary for electric scooters, know how to choose better coverage– NayaTez

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Electric scooters Insurance : The demand for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly in the country. The biggest reason for this is the rising price of petrol and subsidy on electric vehicles. If we look at the demand for electric vehicles in the last year, then their demand is expected to increase further in the coming days.

According to the CII-KPMG report, by 2030, 25 to 35 percent of two-wheelers in the country will be electric. In such a situation, many other companies like Ola have decided to increase the production of electric two-wheelers keeping the future in mind. At the same time, like other two-wheelers, electric two-wheeler insurance also keeps your vehicle safe with you. That is why it is very important to know which policy will be better for electric bikes and scooters.

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Insurance will be like other vehicles – Insurance company HSBC official Anshu Saraswat said that electric bikes and scooters are insured only under the motor insurance plan. Which is third party or extended. He said that third party coverage is required to provide coverage for the death, injury or damage to the property of a third party under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Keep in mind here that under Comprehensive coverage, there is a third party coverage of five years but only one year coverage is available for itself i.e. the third party coverage will continue for five years but every year for any of its losses. The policy will have to be renewed.

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Which policy to choose
According to Anshu Saraswat, when you buy a new electric bike/scooter, take third party coverage for at least five years which is also mandatory. Under third party, a cover of Rs 7.5 lakh is available for property damage. However, unlimited coverage is available for death and bodily damage.

According to Anshu, customers should take a comprehensive plan so that in addition to third party coverage, electric bikes/scooters can be covered by natural calamities like flood, earthquake, cyclone, hurricane or fire; humanitarian calamities like explosions, riots; Coverage can be obtained against theft of the vehicle and any damage caused during transportation by road, train, air or water.

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