Indian Idol 12: Karan Johar told this to Aditya Chopra after seeing Ranveer Singh for the first time, now revealed

Indian Idol 12: Karan Johar told this to Aditya Chopra after seeing Ranveer Singh for the first time, now revealed

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Mumbai: Producer Karan Johar arrived as a guest in Sunday’s episode of Indian Idol 12. In whose presence the contestants gave more than one performance. Karan Johar was also very happy with Danish’s performance. He was so happy with Danish’s performance that he even gave Danish a chance to sing in his production house’s upcoming project. Meanwhile, he talked to the contestants and also told about his films and many stories related to himself. In the show, Karan Johar was also seen revealing one of his mistakes, which was related to actor Ranveer Singh.

Talking about this, Karan Johar told how his first reaction was after seeing Ranveer Singh. Karan Johar says, ‘One day Aditya Chopra came to me and said that he is making the film Band Baaja Baaraat. So I said who is a good actor. After this, he said, pointing to the table tennis, you are looking at the boy who is standing there. I said, yes see, it is quite good looking. After this he says, the one who is standing next to him.

Karan Johar further says, ‘As soon as I saw him, I said – have you gone mad. Your film will flop. I said this because I didn’t like his looks. After this Aditya said that let me show you his audition. When he showed me Ranveer’s audition, I was shocked. That day I understood what acting is. Looks are not everything.

At the same time, Karan Johar also shared an anecdote about Shahrukh Khan. Talking about Shahrukh, Karan Johar says, ‘When I was 15 years old, at that time rainbow used to come. In that I used to play the character of Dodo. One day when I went to the set, I saw a man. He was busy with crosswords. When the director of the show came after sitting for a long time, that person refused to do the show with him. The director said that you sat for such a long time to refuse, then he said, I like your tea here and I had to complete the crossword too. This person was Shahrukh Khan. I felt the same at that time as to how he would become a star. But, today he is a superstar.

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