How To Increase Mileage Of Your Car Or Bike

How To Increase Mileage Of Your Car Or Bike

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By following these tips, you can increase the mileage of your car. By doing this you can make huge savings every month.

New Delhi. The price of petrol and diesel is increasing continuously. Keeping a car is becoming increasingly difficult due to skyrocketing fuel prices. Rising inflation also affects the household budget. In such a situation, in today’s time everyone wants to increase the mileage of their vehicle. For this, special care is taken from the maintenance of the vehicle to the maintenance and service. Today we are going to tell you through this article. You can increase the mileage of your car. You can increase the mileage of your vehicle by following these simple tips. With this you can make huge savings every month.

Maintenance and regular service
To increase the mileage of your vehicle, first of all take special care of regular maintenance and service. Pay special attention to oil change, coolant oil level, chain lubrication with timely vehicle service. Failure to do so will reduce its mileage.

Always keep the air filter clean
Air goes through the filters in the engine of your car. When the filter is dirty, the engine does not get enough air. Because of this, the performance and mileage of the bike gets affected. That is why it is important to clean the air filters of the bike at regular intervals.

Shut down engine at red light
The situation of traffic jams on the roads is increasing continuously. In big cities, one has to deal with traffic jams for hours. In such a situation, turn off the engine of the vehicle. Switch off the vehicle even at the red light. By doing this you save a lot of oil.

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drive in the right gear
People know how important it is to drive the car on the right gear. Despite this, people do not drive the car on the right gear. Due to which the mileage is less and there is a burden on your pocket.

Drive bike at low RPM
Avoid letting your bike race unnecessarily. Apart from this, remember to keep the RPM of the bike to a minimum. If the bike has more race then it will consume more fuel. Apart from this, it will also consume more fuel while standing.

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keep car windows closed
While driving, try to keep all the windows of the car closed because aerodynamics is also related to the mileage of the vehicle. If you drive the car with the glass open, then the engine will be more stressed and the consumption of petrol will be more.


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