Hina Khan celebrates late father’s birthday, mother’s weeping, watch video

Hina Khan celebrates late father’s birthday, mother’s weeping, watch video

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New Delhi. Popular TV actress Hina Khan is very active on social media. She keeps sharing her pictures and videos with the fans every day. But now he has shared such a video, which will bring tears to anyone’s eyes. Actually, Sunday was the birthday of his father Aslam Khan, who is no longer in this world. He died on 20 April this year due to a heart attack. Hina and her family are completely shattered by her father’s departure. But on the occasion of his birthday, everyone decided to celebrate him.

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Hina’s mother was in bad condition after crying
Hina’s mother is seen cutting the cake. However, she could not contain herself while cutting the cake and started crying bitterly. Seeing his mother, the fans also became very emotional. The pain of losing her husband was clearly visible on her face. Hina has shared this video with her Instagram account. While sharing the video, he also wrote a long note.

Why did the mother share the emotional video?
After this Hina told why she shared the emotional video of her mother on social media. She writes, ‘At first I was not sure about posting this video of my mother crying. She is still trying to come out of her misery with those she loved and those who loved her. But just as we all have to experience all possible human emotions, we should also keep our social media presence as real as possible. We should also show our weaknesses, weeping eyes and sorrows. Because we should accept ourselves as a complete human being and this is what I learned from my father. I would request everyone to always remember my father in prayers. I will always love you daddy. Happy Birthday Daddy Cool.’ This post of Hina is now becoming quite viral on social media.


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