First Marburg virus case detected in Western African city Guinea

First Marburg virus case detected in Western African city Guinea

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New danger surfaced amid Coronavirus crisis, concern increased due to first case of Marburg virus, case related to caves of Rousetus bats

New Delhi. The crisis of the corona virus epidemic has not even ended in the world so far. New variants of this deadly virus (Corona New Variant) are also continuously appearing. However, preparations are also going on in many countries to prevent this. But in the meantime, another new variant of Corona has raised concerns.

In fact, the first case of deadly Marburg virus has been reported in the West African country of Guinea. Since then there is an atmosphere of panic among the people here. The special thing is that the World Health Organization has also confirmed this.

In the West African country of Guinea, the deadly Marburg virus is believed to be more dangerous than Ebola and Corona. It can also spread from animal hosts to humans.

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one death due to new virus
Concern about the Marburg virus of Corona has increased because one person has died of this virus. This case is of 2 August 2021 only. A man infected with the Marburg virus lost his life in Guinea’s southern Guakedou province.

This virus is also spread by bats
According to WHO, the reason for the formation of this virus is probably bats. This is how this viral spreads. Its mortality rate is up to 88 percent.

According to the World Health Organisation, the Marburg virus is usually associated with the caves of Roussetus bats. It is spread through contact with bodily fluids of infected people, or by contact with contaminated surfaces and materials. The WHO said that we appreciate the vigilance and prompt action taken by the health workers of Guinea.

According to Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO regional director for Africa, the potential for the Marburg virus to spread far and wide means that we need to stop it as soon as possible.

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The case of Marburg virus has come to the fore at a time when the WHO has completed two months after announcing the end of Guinea’s second Ebola outbreak.

Let us tell you that the Ebola virus started in Africa last year and 12 people lost their lives in it. In Geneva, the WHO said it considers the threat high at the national and regional level. However, it is not as dangerous at the global level yet.


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