Fake Corona Vaccine Found In India And Uganda Who Warns

Fake Corona Vaccine Found In India And Uganda Who Warns

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The World Health Organization (WHO) said that this fake vaccine was also given to patients by taking them out of the official vaccine center.

Geneva. The World Health Organization (WHO) has found cases of fake Covidshields in India and Uganda. Fake vaccine patients were also applied at the valid vaccine center here. WHO has issued a warning regarding medical goods after the fake Coveshield was found. On the other hand, Serum Institute of India (SII), the company that makes Covishield, said that it does not supply 5 and 2 ml vials to Covishield.

According to WHO, SII has confirmed that the vaccine listed in the list is fake. WHO got information about this only from the level of patients in India and Uganda. They were found to be fake due to lack of information written on the vaccine.

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major health hazards

The WHO says that the fake corona vaccine should be identified and destroyed immediately. Fake vaccines are a major threat to the health of people around the world. There will be more pressure on the people coming to its risk zone and health facilities. WHO’s Global Surveillance and Monitoring System has detected counterfeit vaccines from CoveShield regarding counterfeit and waste medical products. The counterfeit CoveShield vial found in Uganda was 5 mL. It was said to apply 10 doses. The fake expiry date was written on it as August 10.

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Information given about fake corona vaccine

This is not the first case, when information has been received about fake corona vaccine. Earlier, the WHO had informed about the fake corona vaccine of Pfizer-Bio Entech in American countries. WHO has issued a medical product alert on the detection of counterfeit medicines and vaccines in South Asia and Africa. The WHO got the news about the fake vaccine of CoveShield in July-August this year. Now the WHO has advised to monitor the supply chain of medical products. According to the health organization, its need is especially high in countries where cases of fake vaccines have been reported.


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