Exclusive: Actor Randeep Hooda in Nayi trouble, scriptwriter-lyricist sent 10 crore notice

Exclusive: Actor Randeep Hooda in Nayi trouble, scriptwriter-lyricist sent 10 crore notice

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New Delhi : Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda seems to be caught in a new controversy. He has been accused by a screenwriter and lyricist named Priya Sharma of not returning many of his scripts and threatening him. Priya Sharma alleges that actor Randeep Hooda and his other colleagues took 15 years of hard work written scripts and songs from him by giving a verbal promise to work together, after that kept bluffing him and now even this script is not returned. Going and being bullied on the contrary. Priya has sent a legal notice to Randeep and others, demanding compensation of 10 crores, as well as a public apology from them.

This legal notice by Priya Sharma, a resident of Gujarat, Actor Randeep Hooda, his mother Asha Hooda, Mandeep Hooda, Dr. Anjali Hooda Sangwan, Manish (Business partner of Dr. Anjali), Panchali Chakraborty (Randeep’s manager) and Renuka This legal notice has been sent to Pillai (makeup artist).

Priya Sharma has sent this legal notice through her lawyer Rajat Kalsan. It has been said that she came in contact with Randeep Hooda through Facebook in 2012, after which they became friends and even family things started happening. During the conversation, Priya told Randeep Hooda’s mother that she has written several scripts in the last 8 years keeping Randeep in mind and she wants to share them with Randeep to make the film. On this Randeep’s mother told him that ‘You are your own, you are of the house’. Our production house is going to come soon so they should send their script to Panchali and Renuka.

They allege that under the influence and assurance of Randeep’s mother, he sent his script through India Post in the year 2013 at the postal address of Faridabad sent to him. Renuka took verbal consent from Randeep in Hisar to submit the script. After this Priya also sent all the scripts (200 songs and 50 stories) to Renuka’s email address. Thereafter, Panchali’s email was also sent to him and he also confirmed the receipt of the email.

He said in the notice that it was his 15 years of hard work, but despite assurances, no attention was paid to his scripts. After that they started being ignored. He says that all the copies of the script were in original. No hardcopy of the script was kept by him due to frequent editing and amount of papers required. He has only those scripts which were saved by him in the pen drive. Which is only 50% of his creative work in the last 15 years.

Priya Sharma alleges that when she asked for her scripts back from Renuka, it was not given back to her. When he contacted Randeep’s manager Panchali about this, he also responded with an aggressive tone and abusive language, making baseless excuses.

She alleges that in 2015, when she contacted Randeep’s mother, she said that her husband read these scripts, but he did not understand them. He even made several requests to his mother to return the scripts, but she was refused with a harsh tone.

He has further said in the notice that after this he also contacted brother Mandeep Hooda in relation to Randeep, then instead of helping, he pressured and threatened him for not asking for the script. It is alleged that while calling himself a Jat, he was also called casteist words.

He says that during the last two years, he has duly complained in this regard to the Union Home Ministry, Maharashtra Police, CMO Maharashtra, Surat Police, IGP/DGP, Gujarat and Gujarat State Police Complaint Authorities, but no action has been taken. Went.

Advocate Rajat Kalsan, in the notice issued to Randeep and others, has said that this has completely shattered the life and career of his client. Due to this they have suffered physical pain, mental pain, harassment, humiliation besides financial loss. Therefore, all their original scripts should be returned within 15 days of receiving the notice. They should be given Rs 10 crore as compensation. Also publicly apologize to him on social media.

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