Even after working in films, Dharmendra did not like wearing short clothes of daughter Isha-Ahana

Even after working in films, Dharmendra did not like wearing short clothes of daughter Isha-Ahana

New Delhi. Veteran actor Dharmendra was very famous for his brilliant films, dialogues and his beauty. He worked with many actresses during his time and earned a name. Not only this, in the love of actress Hema Malini, he changed his religion till his second marriage. The tales of Hema Malini and Dharmendra’s marriage are heard a lot even today. Dharmendra has been seen mostly joking or romancing in films, but in real life he is quite strict. This has been mentioned by his daughters Esha Deol and Ahana Deol himself.

Dharmendra is very protective about daughters

Dharmendra has seen the film world very closely. He is also very aware of the dress of actresses, but despite this, Dharmendra is very protective of both his daughters. He did not like wearing western clothes of Isha and Ahana at all. He liked to see his daughters in suit salwar only. This has been disclosed by Esha Deol herself in an interview.

Isha-Ahana used to wear a suit-salwar as soon as she came to her father’s house.

Actually, Isha and Ahana had reached the interview of actress Simi Grewal with their mother Hema Malini. Esha Deol told that her father is a very kind person. He did not like to wear short or cut spill tops at all. In such a situation, whenever he came to know that Papa was coming home. So immediately go and wear the suit salwar. So that dad doesn’t feel bad. Hema Malini told that she supports her daughters a lot. He had made up his mind to teach Kathak to both of them.

Hema Malini supports daughters

By the way, let us tell you that Dharmendra did not only like western dresses but he also did not like his daughters working in films. Dharmendra did not want Esha Deol to do the film. Still, Esha Deol came to films with persistence, but when her career did not work, she had to leave her film career. Hema Malini also helped her daughter a lot in this. It is said that Dharmendra has never seen any Esha Deol film. Alone, has he never seen any film of Esha Deol even with family.

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