During the shooting, Sridevi had to change clothes behind the bushes, the actress revealed

During the shooting, Sridevi had to change clothes behind the bushes, the actress revealed

New Delhi. Everyone knows how difficult it was for the old age actresses to shoot for the film. Even at that time, actresses used to go for outdoor shooting. According to the scene, he also had to change clothes. At that time he did not even have a vanity van. In such a situation, actresses had to face great difficulties. Late actress Sridevi once spoke openly about these problems. In which he told how the actresses used to suffer during the shooting.

actresses used to change clothes in the bushes

In an interview, Sridevi had told that it was very difficult for women to work in films earlier than today. Sridevi had said that today’s actresses are lucky enough to have vanity van-like facilities. Sridevi had told that during her time, actresses had to go behind the bushes and change clothes. There was no such thing as a vanity van at that time.

In such a situation, the women who were there used to cover the actress from all sides with clothes. Between those curtains, those actresses used to change clothes. Now no one knew who saw them and who did not.

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Actresses used to have a lot of problems on the set

Not only Sridevi but even before this old actresses have mentioned this. He also had to say that at that time there was neither AC on the shooting set nor did the actresses have any vanity van. She used to sit in sweat all day. Because of which she had to put on make-up again and again. Also, sometimes he had to shoot in snow and heavy rain.

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song shot in fever

Let us tell you that Sridevi has worked in the Hindi cinema world for many years. He made a place in the hearts of people by playing many unique characters. It is said that the actress had 103 degree fever during the film Chaalbaaz. Still, he shot for the song ‘Na Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai’.

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