Due to the conspiracies of the people, Govinda suffered a loss of crores, in bad times he had become alien

Due to the conspiracies of the people, Govinda suffered a loss of crores, in bad times he had become alien

New Delhi. Bollywood actor Govinda’s name is included in the list of veteran actors. In the 90s, Govinda acted in many superhit films. He ruled the hearts of people for a long time with his brilliant films. Gradually, Govinda’s career came on the floor from seventh sky. His career slowly started falling down. Govinda considers only a few people of Bollywood responsible for his ending career. Which together separated him from the industry. This was disclosed by Govinda himself. Know the full story.

Govinda’s loss of crores

Actually, Govinda made many big revelations while talking about his sinking career in an interview. Govinda told that when he was sidelined by the people. Then he had a loss of crores. Govinda also said that no one would have seen him speaking against anyone. Whereas most people talk about them. They never judge anyone’s work because they respect everyone’s hard work and money invested.

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People wanted to end Govinda’s career

Govinda told that he too had invested money for the last 14-15 years. In which he had a loss of about 16 crores. Some people treated him very badly. Most of the people who mistreated him were his own. His films did not get theaters and he wanted to end his career. which never happened. Govinda told that he is all set to do a big bang again in the year 2021.

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Conspiracies hatched against Govinda

Not only this, Govinda also told that many people of Bollywood made many conspiracies against him. His own people were alienated. Govinda said that if his luck is not in his favor then his people also turn against you. Last year, director David Dhawan made a remake of Coolie No. 1. Which got negative reviews. There was a time when Govinda and David Dhawan were very good friends of each other. After which there was a fight between the two.

Govinda’s heart broke after listening to David Dhawan

Regarding the quarrel with David Dhawan, Govinda told that when he had left politics, he asked his secretary to talk to the speaker on the phone. So that they can hear what David Dhawan says to them? Govinda says that he heard David Dhawan saying that Chi Chi means that Govinda asks a lot of questions. Now he doesn’t want to work with them. Ask them to do some small roles for you. Hearing this, Govinda was broken.

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